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Always Judging
Personal Style

Are We Always Judging? An Honest Answer.

Our Readers Asked: Are you always judging what people wear? Mara and I both get asked this question a lot. The answer is yes and no. I think “frequently analyzing” or “appreciating” is more accurate than always judging or…

weight loss and why I'm hanging up the phone now
Body Love

Weight Loss and Why I’m Hanging Up the Phone

I was approached recently by a rather aggressive sales rep for a well-known international supplements company that supposedly helps people to lose weight. She had seen my name on the Vancouver Mom list of Top Bloggers. When she discovered…

Moms Mother's Day

Mom, this is what we really think of you.

Mara and I have the pleasure of working with hundreds of moms in both our individual and joint businesses. We’ve seen the joys and triumphs as well as the frustration and heartbreak that comes with the designation “mom”. Each mother and child relationship…