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Move Your Style Up a Notch

You probably already know, wearing a belt is an easy way to add shape, colour, texture and dimension to your outfit. Now try moving your style up a notch further by tying it in an interesting way. These artsy…

Quick Tips

Quick Tip – Focus on Quality Over Quantity

In today’s world of fast fashion, trends and frequent sales it’s easy to be convinced that we need more items rather than better. It’s great to bargain hunt, (it’s one of the things YMM does best!), but just say…

Quick Tips

Quick Tip – Try a Little Snakeskin Print

photo credit Snakeskin print is a fun way to add texture and even some colour to your outfit.  This pattern is surprisingly versatile, classic and elegant while being a little bit rock n’ roll too. …

Quick Tips Wardrobe Maintenance

Visit Your Tailor

That button is not going to replace itself! If a minor repair is keeping you from wearing an item in your closet, drop it off at your tailor or dry cleaners. For a small cost they will fix your…

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