Client kudos

I hate to brag, so I let my clients’ kudos speak for me…

“I had a great time. You are amazing! I still cannot believe that it is so easy to pull out a nice outfit with the stuff one already has. Thanks for the pics, they will help me remember the looks.”
~L. Von Baer, Vancouver

“My husband is thrilled. He said this evening, “You look ravishing. The best in ten years.” I feel fantastic! Thanks so much for your thoughtful, direct, advice.”
~M. Jenkins, Vancouver

“I had such a great experience. I loved that everything was picked out for me and it was sooooo organized. I love being organized. That made the whole experience even better. I can see how much work you have to do to help people with shopping. I liked how everything was broken down into categories and loved that you were keeping track of how much we were spending.  I didn’t even have to think about anything. Most of all, I felt you had my image down and I loved all the choices that were picked out for me.”
~M. Natt, Surrey

…and kudos

“It is the BEST feeling! I said to my husband this morning ‘It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve had a choice of what I want to wear!!!’  Thank you so much!”
~Sara K., Chilliwack

“I am wearing a complete The Joy of Style outfit and feeling awesome! I’ve been loving all the clothes. So grateful to you. Thanks so much for an incredible experience where I learnt a lot about fashion, my body type, my colour and beauty.”
~L. Pilon, Vancouver

…and more kudos!

“With a gentle, thorough, and professional approach, Dee helped me identify what I longed for in a wardrobe and—in what feels like a miracle—made that dream come true. What did I long for? Ease. I wanted getting dressed to be easy and I wanted to feel completely at ease in my clothes. The consultation process gave me the support and tools I needed to envision the styles, textures, and colours that would suit me, body and soul. She revolutionized the shopping experience. I’d hoped for ease in my wardrobe but I didn’t expect the process of getting there to be easy too! She picked the stores, picked the clothes, picked the accessories, set up the change room. All I had to do was show up and give the thumbs-up or thumbs-down. This woman is both a style-finder and bargain-hunter! No more clothing angst. No more forced numbness and denial.”
~Sandra V., Vancouver


This experience has been eye-opening for me; someone who finds shopping an obligation, and workwear burdensome. Dee helped me streamline my vision by identifying my priorities, uncovering the roots of my hesitations, and opening my mind to new possibilities. Thank you, Dee, for showing me the joy of layering, quality denim, and allowing me the experience to express the Joy of (my) Style.
~Melody H., Vancouver

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