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5 Things That Look Good On Everyone

5 Things That Look Good on Everyone

You weren’t expecting another checklist of “must haves” featuring specific items such as little black dresses and nude pumps, were you? Those lists rarely apply to everyone. How could they? Personal style is so much more than acquiring items on a list created by some fashion editor. Cultivating personal style involves deciphering which trends actually work for you and your lifestyle and which don’t. It requires some experimentation and an open mind. It is a process of elimination and self-refection.

When we select items for ourselves and our clients, individual personal taste, figure flattering priorities, personal colouring, etc. are a few of the many factors we consider. And while we would never dress two of our clients exactly the same, we have found that there are certain things absolutely DO look good on everyone.

5 Things That Look Good On Everyone:

  • Clothes that fit. No matter what your shape or size, clothes that fit your body and highlight your best features are universally flattering. Proper fit ensures whatever you are wearing looks more expensive and your entire appearance is elevated. Understanding proportions is key. Your posture appears better, which affects the way you (and other people) perceive yourself. You’ll feel a lot more confident.
  • Clothes that complement your colouring. Wearing your WOW colours is an instant pick-me-up. Your mood is enhanced and you look and feel more alive. Your eyes, skin and hair glow.  Imperfections (eg. dark eye circles, blemishes, etc.) are reduced. You’ll appear bright and alert.
  • Clothes that make you feel how you want to feel. Powerful, confident, attractive, playful, sexy, friendly, accomplished, etc. However YOU want to feel. Your clothing sends a message to your self-esteem and to others around you. Don’t let your message be, “I give up.”
  • Clothes that show your personality. Dressing in a way that reflects who you really are creates internal harmony. Dressing any other way can make you feel like an impostor. It creates a feeling of disconnect from yourself and others.  You’ll feel positively charged when your clothing is a means of true self-expression.
  • LOVE…because love looks good on EVERYONE! Self-love, romantic love, platonic love, love for your family, love for life, love in every incarnation makes everyone look and feel more beautiful.


Love Looks Good On Everyone!


This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate love in all it’s shapes and colours and manifestations.

Our clients are straight, gay, young and young-at-heart, plus sized, average size, petite, tall, cisgender and transgender because everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Is there someone you love that needs help realizing their own beauty? Contact The Joy of Style today. We can help them see the beauty you already see in them.


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