My Philosophy

I want to get to know you, but here is a little about me first. I believe getting dressed should be easy and enjoyable. The Joy of Style real-life approach forgoes the fashionista in favour of focusing on helping you feel current and confident in clothes that suit your life. I believe style is for EVERY body.

Your Experience

Imagine only wearing clothes that make you FEEL how you WANT to feel. Perhaps you want to experience more confidence, assertiveness or creativity at work. Maybe you want to feel more flirty, beautiful and outgoing in your personal life. However you want to feel, I’ll help you to create a signature look that will get you there.

My expertise will guide you toward building a fully functional wardrobe that lets you clearly communicate what you want to express to the world.

You will no longer wander the stores feeling overwhelmed or confused. Instead, shopping trips become triumphs and dressing becomes a daily ritual of pure pleasure. Now that’s The Joy of Style!

Ready for some closet therapy? Check out my personal styling packages.

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