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How to Determine Your Body Shape…or Not.

The comic above by UK artist and illustrator Gemma Correll, beautifully and humorously illustrates the subject of many conversations Mara and I have had lately.

Because the fashion industry by and large still considers the hourglass shape to be the ideal body shape for women, (and less than 9% of us are hourglass shaped), it leaves the vast majority of us feeling somewhat flawed. 

You may have gathered from past blogs that one of our main objectives is to help moms express themselves through their clothing and to dress in a way that makes them feel joyful.  

We believe the definition of beautiful/sexy/ attractive/feminine is much broader than just the hourglass.

We will continue to passionately encourage you to love your straight boyish frame, or your strong broad shoulders or the curve of your childbearing hips.  We want you to embrace the extra junk in your trunk and honour all your squishy mommy bits. Nevertheless, for some moms, this doesn’t come easily and there are years of stinging self-criticism and body hatred to undo.  For others, you may no
t recognize or identify with the post-baby body in the mirror.

Although we preach about body love and acceptance, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves personal stylists if we didn’t employ some traditional tried-and-true styling tricks to help you get there. Indeed, some of these maneuvers can fast-track you on the road to appreciating your body. However, cultivating personal style and creating an entire wardrobe you are excited about requires more than figuring out which kind of fruit you most closely resemble. Dressing for your body shape is just one styling tool and should be treated as such.

Various cuts of clothing are said to make one look younger, taller, and slimmer, but we how do you create individual style if we are all striving for the same look? Ultimately, we feel that personality trumps all. If you don’t feel like the best version of yourself in the clothes that have been recommended for your particular shape then what’s the point? Certainly a cookie cutter approach to styling is something anyone can learn from a magazine or internet search. Yet what happens when you are not only NOT hourglass shaped, but cannot relate to ANY of the typically described common shapes either?

In our experience, it’s personality, self-reflection, determining YOUR figure-flattering priorities, experimentation and an open mind that help moms see themselves in a new light and get to a place of genuine body celebration.

Hey Mama, we’ve got what we’ve been given so let’s celebrate (not just make the best of) ALL our shapes and adorn our bodies in ways that make us happy! 

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Instead of the flowers that will wilt or the spa day with joy that is fleeting, ask your family for a gift certificate for a YMM styling package. The experience will last long after the flowers have died and the nail polish chipped.

Love, Dee

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