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Quick Style Tip – Wearing heels? Bring flats.



It’s no secret that a pair of heels can do wonders for your legs, but even the most devout fashionista can be left crying for mercy after extended periods of wearing them. Whether you plan to ring in the new year dancing all night with friends, banging pots and pans at a neighbourhood house party or sharing a quiet romantic dinner with your sweetheart, if you’re wearing heels for a few hours, your feet might not make it until midnight.

The solution to wearing heels all night

Consider taking a pair of flats to change in to. A pain to carry around, but your feet will thank you later. Better yet, invest in a pair of foldable flats like these from Abusa on Amazon or these from Flipster available from ShoeMe.ca. Another good option are these Yoshi Samra available from Nordstrom. Not only are they super cute and come in a great variety of colours, but they’ll tuck nicely into your purse so they are less cumbersome. You’re also not as likely to accidentally leave them behind if you’re party hopping. Foldable flats come with an expandable drawstring bag to carry your heels anytime you need to change shoes (like after work), but they are especially helpful when running for that taxi at 2:00am.

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