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Summer Office Wear: Some inspiration

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It can be a difficult balance to manage the heat of the summer sun while maintaining a professional appearance at the office. Given that many of us struggle daily to figure out what to wear, summer temperatures can certainly increase your closet frustration. You need to avoid excessive sweating on your commute to work, and conversely, avoid goosebumps in overly air-conditioned spaces. Our favourite trick for summer office wear? Layers.

Dress in Layers

In fact, this is my answer for year-round office comfort. For the colder seasons, pile on the thin layers to keep you warm. During summer, wear thin layers in light, breathable fabrics to combat temperature fluctuations throughout the day. Cotton, linen and silk will allow air to flow through your clothes. On the other hand, polyester will trap body heat and sweat. You will be more comfortable in a soft, linen-blend blazer than your polyester suit jacket in most office spaces. A thin cotton cardigan is an easy option to throw over your shoulders.

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Hugo Boss

Have a thin scarf at the ready. Tie it to the handle of your work bag for your commute and it will be available to add around your collar when the air-con is blowing down your neck. A scarf will add personality to an otherwise basic outfit. Chosen strategically, a scarf will put an enhancing colour where it will have the most impact: next to your face.

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Summer Office Outfit Inspiration

Your summer office wear doesn’t have to be staid and drab. Pattern, colour and texture are always welcome ways to inject some of your personality and some visual interest into an outfit. Start building an outfit from a single piece you love to wear, and go from there. Lighter colours and paler neutrals help you feel ready for increasing summer temperatures.

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J. Crew

The Joy of Style will guide you through these hottest months of the year. We make it our business to find you the most versatile and adaptable office wardrobe. Contact us to make your summer office wear comfortably stylish.

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