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Wesbrook Village Festival – Fun For the Whole Family!

A poster for the westbrook village festival.

In our early years as a family, a lot of our free time consisted of my husband and I taking our little guy to his activities and us watching and cheering him on from the sidelines. Sure, we enjoyed chatting to other parents, and it was a joy to see him do his thing. But nevertheless, we weren’t actively participating in the fun. Other times we would drag him along to whatever grown up activity we were doing: jazz festival, art gallery, etc. or else leave him behind with grandma so we could go on a much needed date.  At a time when the concept of fun for the whole family was as elusive as a good night’s sleep, thank goodness for events like the Wesbrook Village Festival.

Wesbrook Village Festival is Fun for the Whole Family…Really!

I went to the very first Wesbrook Village Festival 6 years ago and thought it was probably going to be another one of those events that was mainly fun for kids. I was confident my son was going to have a good time (what 6 year old wouldn’t have a blast when there’s a bouncy castle involved?). What surprised me most was how much fun I had.

Wesbrook Village Festival

The Wesbrook Village Festival has become even more impressive over the years. With so many stores and services now open, the number of merchants participating in the sidewalk sale, activities, contests, free samples, etc. has increased immensely.

This year, the festival also includes a BBQ, Kid Zone with climbing wall and other favourites like face painting, crafts and, oh yes, a bouncy castle. All for FREE. The parking is free too!

To add to the festival atmosphere, there will be number of live performances including children’s entertainer/educator Rup Loops and Brazilian beats by Bloco Energia. Dr. Strangelove, always a crowd pleaser, will also be performing. BTW Dr. Strangelove is just as good as they were when we used to go to the Roxy. You know…pre-children…when we used to be able to sleep in the next morning.

And if that doesn’t already sound like a super fun time, Biercraft will be hosting a Happy Hour family-friendly beer garden. They even have a kids menu.

Wesbrook Village Neighbourhood

When friends of mine announced a few years ago they were moving from Yaletown to UBC my reaction was, “WHY?” Now I know. There is so much to love about the campus and Wesbrook Village in particular. Grocery store, restaurants, coffee shop, community centre, BCLC, tons of green space, etc. There’s even a new high school and new elementary school nearby.

Mainly though, I love the sense of community I feel here. I am in the Wesbrook Village often because I offer Fit 4 Two® Mom and Baby Fitness, Fit 4 Two® Prenatal Yoga and a women’s only Fitness Fun class at the new Wesbrook Community Centre. The community centre is a busy hub of activity for young families, students and retirees. Go have a look inside this gorgeous facility. They will have an open gym during the festival.

Wesbrook Village Location

Wesbrook Village is located south of W 16th avenue at Wesbrook Mall, between the beautiful Pacific Spirit Regional Park and the UBC farm.


Come and experience real fun for the whole family!

The 2016 Wesbrook Village Festival is on Saturday September 10, 11:00AM - 4:00 PM. All are welcome. 





Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Wesbrook Village, but all opinions are my own.

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