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5 Playground-Friendly Shoe Styles to Help Moms Dump the Frump (Late-summer edition)

We all want comfortable shoes. Taking your kids to the playground, running errands with a stroller and leisurely walking around Lost Lagoon all call for footwear that doesn’t leave your feet aching. In fact sometimes this becomes so important that we sacrifice all possible style for the sake of comfort. I want you to know that shoes can be both practical AND cute. You just need to have a little direction and for that I’m here to help!
1.   Strappy flat sandals- this almost goes without saying! In the summer, shoes that let the air flow easily to your toes are important, especially during our current heat wave. Gladiator sandals with lots of straps up to the ankle are an easy-to-find option that easily increases the stylishness of whatever you are wearing. Try some with embellishments like wooden beading, thick lug soles, rhinestones or metallic accents. Many companies traditionally known for high-comfort walking shoes make this type of sandal. They construct their strappy sandals with a molded foot bed to provide cushioning and arch support. This kind of shoe is also likely to be on sale at this time of year yet will be wearable for another few months and again next year.
2.   Flats- look for a little cushioning inside and some colour or texture on the outside. Ballet flats, pointed-toe flats and flat shoes with an ankle strap are all comfortable options that up the style ante of your ensemble. Flat shoes with athletic shoe sole can easily look dated and not provide the stylish look you are aiming for. Choose a flat with a bold colour, a pattern, textured leather or embellishments. You’ll find them to be much more versatile than you think and you’ll get a kick out of wearing them (pun intended)!
3.   Oxfords- a sleek-looking masculine style of shoe like a lace-up oxford can add an element of contrast to summer shorts, skirts and Capri pants. Arch and ankle support are no-brainers in a shoe like this. Oxfords with a thin sole and a narrow instead of round toe will keep your look feminine and modern.
4.   Slip-on runners- these shoes, often worn by skateboarders, are modern, urban and super-wearable! Wear them in traditional canvas of a neutral colour or try a floral print canvas, leopard print pony hair or snake print leather. Even a perforated leather or mesh slip-on runner à la Miami Vice would look fresh. Wear them with jeans, narrow cargo pants, cuffed track pants or your summer shorts.
5.   Non-athletic sneakers- these seem like, without explanation, they would be the most comfortable shoe on the list. The key to pulling off sneakers without looking frumpy is to wear ones that are not intended for cross-training. Search out sneakers in non-athletic fabrication or colours, like burgundy suede or metallic leather. Wear these with simple Capri pants, modern cargo pants or denim skirts. Another way to have a stylish and everyday-wearable version of the sneaker is to choose a classic style that has been around for decades. A Converse Chuck Taylor, Adidas Stan Smith or even the classic white Keds all have stylish credibility and will look great with summer dresses.
To put together your no-frump look with these playground-friendly shoe choices, contact Yummy Mummy Makeovers for our Essential Package that includes Colour Analysis, Body Type Analysis, Strategic Dressing, and a Closet Review!



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