Dressing Joyfully Moms

Moms, Dress Yourselves With Joy!

When I was little I had this stretchy rainbow coloured circle skirt. When I put that skirt on (and you know I wore it every chance I got) my heart would soar! It was designed for twirling and twirl I did. That skirt brought rainbows to my day. It thrilled me just to have it on.

Isn’t this how you want to feel when you wear your clothes?

Why put such high value on what we wear? Well, we put on clothes every day. For one thing, we don’t live in the kind of climate where all of our skin can be exposed. For another thing, most of us are not prepared for the message that total nudity portrays! We have to wear some form of clothing for the majority of our activities.

Why not dress in a way that invites joy to our lives?

There are good reasons for wearing clothing that makes you feel good about yourself. And to be frank, those cozy pyjamas just don’t cut it on a daily basis. Pyjamas may feel comfortable, but when you look in the mirror you’re probably not feeling so hot.

There is a strong connection between looking good and feeling good. If you consciously dress with the intent to present yourself well, you look well turned out. Dressing in pill-y yoga pants does nothing for your self-esteem. Why not dress in a way that makes you happy? Put on clothing that makes you love your shape, whatever your shape might be. Dressing in clothes you love is such a speedy way to put a smile on your face.

Consider a few ways to dress joyfully on a daily basis:

1.   Wear colour – Invite glorious, glow-enhancing colour in to your life. Wrap yourself in a rosy hue that enhances the natural flush of your cheeks or a silky top in a luscious tone that brings out the sparkle in your eyes. Think of that sumptuous colour, maybe it’s your favourite, that makes your heart sing whenever you wear it.
2.   Wear pieces with meaning – When you carry with you a physical reminder of a person you love or a fabulous moment you’ve experienced, you surround yourself with positivity and joy. Perhaps you can pair that favourite concert T-shirt with skinny jeans and a blazer or maybe your Grandmother’s brooch moves into your regular rotation when you wear it with hard-edged pieces. Wear that special piece and soak in the joy of the good memories it brings you.
3.   Wear items that fit – regret is one of those things that eat away at joy. If your pants used to fit and now they don’t, regret can settle in. You are not dressing joyously if you are wearing clothing that reminds you of how your shape once was, is too droopy, is misshapen, pinches or doesn’t stay put. Stock your closet with loves, not regrets.

When I think about my seven month old daughter and her developing self-consciousness, I remind myself of how mouldable children are. I don’t want her to hear negative self-talk coming from my mouth. I think phrases like “I really hate my thighs†should be banned in my house. I want to be a role model for my child to learn self-esteem and self-respect. When you have a healthy interest in your appearance, when you dress in a manner that brings you joy, you show your impressionable child just how important love for one’s self is.

At Yummy Mummy Makeovers, we are all about bringing joy to your life through the clothes you wear. Feel spectacular and confidently embrace your mummy body!

Create your style as an expression of self-love.

Love, Mara


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