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Wear Your Dressy Clothes Every day

Dressy Clothes

At The Joy of Style, we are certainly about making the best use of the clothes you already have hanging in your closet. We love the idea of remixing your wardrobe so you have more ways to wear the things you own. Take a look at those pieces you have designated as items for special occasions only. Pull them out from the dark recesses and incorporate them into the part of your closet you use regularly. There are many reasons for wearing your dressy clothes on a daily basis. You need to feel fabulous in your own clothes!  Wearing your closet regulars with the “special occasion pieces” that you love can look modern and instantly refreshed.

Wearing your dressy clothes every day serves several purposes:

  1. You will look a little more original than than you do in your jeans and T-shirt
  2. Mixing fancy with casual looks inherently modern and fresh
  3. Incorporating those fancier items into your daily wear makes your outfit options more plentiful
  4. It’s like using the good china for pizza night…it’s still just pizza night, but you feel worthy of specialness
  5. If you save your dressier clothes just for good, they may very well go out of fashion before you get to really enjoy them
  6. There is self-affirming value in living in beautiful things every day
  7. Life is too short to save your dressier pieces only for special occasions
  8. The cost-per-wear of your fancy items will decrease every time you put them on
  9. Your tastes and preferences may change over time so wearing those pieces now when you love them will be financially beneficial


So go ahead and wear that sparkly top under your wooly cardigan with your skinny jeans. It’ll feel just a little bit special and unusual. Try your wide-leg trousers with a T-shirt and your non-athletic sneakers. It’s still just as comfortable but a little more unconventional than your jeans. Do you have a blazer or collarless jacket for work? Either piece will look fresh with a drapey half-tucked T-shirt or camisole and your favourite jeans. Maybe add those Party Heels gathering dust at the back of your closet, even if your jeans are super casual. Try it out. We bet you will feel inspired to wear your dressier pieces on a regular basis.

Let us help you with mixing your dressy closet items into your everyday outfit rotation. Contact us today and invite The Joy of Style to bring out the best in your closet.

Mara Arnold, CoOwner/Stylist




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