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Leggings – One Item, Two Stylists



Leggings – One Item, Two Stylists

This month in our regular feature we chose a wardrobe staple: black leggings. Cozy and comfortable, they are appealing to many women. Quite often though, leggings can look boring or sloppy or worse…like tights! It doesn’t have to be that way. First and foremost, be sure your top covers your crotch point. Do not confuse leggings with pants. Secondly, pair them with pieces of different textures and add bold accessories to elevate your look from frumpy to fabulous.

Dee’s Leggings Outfit – Easy as Pie

I chose this popover blouse to pair with leggings because it is a simple and fuss-free way to add texture and pattern, but is as easy to wear as a T-shirt. The denim jacket adds a layer of warmth and the rugged stiffness also brings texture and interest to the overall look. I love colourful accessories like these teal wedge booties which are a great way to lengthen the legs, while keeping the outfit comfortable.  Leggings can have a stumpifying effect so creating a long leg line is a priority for me. This versatile crossbody bag keeps it casual, but classy. I kept the bling minimal, just enough to look polished and fully-dressed.

Mara’s Leggings Outfit – Zippered Coziness

This outfit is as comfortable as your pjs but styled for being out-and-about instead of tucked in bed. I love pairing an oversized sweater with the narrow silhouette of thick and stretchy leggings. To keep you from looking oversize, ensure the sweater drapes beautifully from your shoulders and has eye-catching details like these vertical zippers. Accessories give this cozy outfit enough polish to leave the house. Modern studded pearl earrings and an armful of bracelets with an oversized watch up the style ante of the leggings. Don’t fret about mixing the gold of the sweater zippers with silver accessories. These metallics are neutrals and mixing metals is on-trend. Wrap the scarf loosely around your neck to bring some focus to your face. Polished coziness complete!


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