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What Not to Wear vs The Joy of Style

What Not to Wear vs The Joy of Style

It happens ALL. THE. TIME. When Mara and I are introduced to someone new and we tell them we are personal stylists, they say, “Like Stacey and Clinton? I used to loooooove that show What Not to Wear! Is THAT what you do? ” The answer is “Yes” and “No”. While we are mega fans of the show too, our services differ in a few ways.

Comparing What Not to Wear and The Joy of Style: 

How The Joy of Style is Similar to WNTW:

The Purge

  • We’ll go through your entire closet and show you what’s working and what isn’t and why.
  • You’ll try on your typical outfits for us to see how you normally dress and explain why/when/where/how you would wear them. Like Stacey and Clinton, we may stare at you momentarily with incredulous smiles while nodding our heads as we listen.
  • We will tell you which pieces of clothing should go and which are worth holding on to.
  • Dee will likely say something slightly inappropriate, but extremely funny.

Closet makeover similar to What Not to Wear


  • When we take you shopping, we will force ask you to try on items you might not have considered. These will likely become your favourite pieces and we will laugh and say something cheeky like, “Who knew?!”
  • You might have an emotional reaction during the process. Discovering a side of you that you had not met before or rediscovering a part of yourself you had forgotten, or actually loving how you look for maybe the first time in a long time can be very moving.

Closet makeover different than What Not to War


How The Joy of Style is Different From WNTW:

How We Get Our Clients

  • We do not ambush our clients (although, admittedly, we’d sometimes like to)! There is no plotting amongst family and friends. Clients come to us freely and willingly. Occasionally it is because a loved one heard them complaining about nothing to wear, body loathing talk, etc. and bought them a gift certificate. More often, they are actively seeking professional styling services themselves.

Our Process

  • There will be no secret footage to shame you with.
  • We send you homework to do ahead of time so that you spend time reflecting on your current personal style. This will enable you to clearly identify what your style goals are and which direction you want to go in.
  • The Joy of Style will come to you. We do not have a television studio…yet!
  • We won’t throw your whole wardrobe into a trash can and leave you with only the clothes on your back. Instead, we try to work with what you’ve already got, as long as it still fits and is still current, is in good shape and you like it.
  • Mara will say something sweet and kind and diplomatic as she pries your well-loved, pill-y sweater from your hands.




  • We preselect items for you. You just show up and try things on. You don’t have to slog through the mall as we spy on you and make witty comments about your crazy choices.
  • Some clients want the head to toe makeover. Others only want the closet overhaul. We don’t ask you to make changes you’re not ready to make. A complete makeover is a HUGE deal. Much of your self-identity and self-image is attached to your appearance. We want to move at a pace you feel comfortable with.
  • Sorry folks, unlike What Not to Wear,  there’s no $500o Visa card with your name on it coming from us.

Shopping is different than What Not to Wear

The Long Term

  • You’ll be able to sustain your new look because, contrary to What Not to Wear, YOU initiated the change. You will have time to process each step and envision your new look. You will not be blindsided. We understand how personal style is influenced by many factors and if you want to sustain your new look you have to be emotionally and psychologically ready for it.


We’re here for you! Whether you’re ready for a complete makeover or prefer to just focus on your closet, we can help. book your appointment with The Joy of Style today and prepare to meet a new and stylish you.

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