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7 Shiny Reasons Accessories Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift to Give or Receive

You’re probably familiar with the saying, “You are not fully dressed until you’re wearing accessoriesâ€, but what does that really mean? Of course, when you put clothes on you are no longer naked, but accessories are the difference between getting dressed and putting an outfit together. They are, in a word, “transformative.†Much like sprinkles on top of a cupcake, or the olive in a martini, accessories make an outfit look more polished, complete, interesting and special. 

Once you’re in the habit of adding these finishing touches, they can be the most enjoyable part of getting dressed. You can build an entire outfit around a favourite statement necklace or a pair of earrings you especially like. Sadly, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for bags, bangles and bling and often they are the most significant gap in a woman’s wardrobe. The absence of add-ons frequently contributes to closet boredom. Here’s why these adornments shouldn’t be an afterthought.


Up Your Style Game Dramatically with Accessories

  1. Accessories are a quick and easy way to transition an outfit from day to night, casual to dressy and outdated to modern. 
  2. These bits of embellishment add visual interest to your outfit without having to actually create an interesting outfit. A metallic woven clutch will add texture and shine. Alternatively, a silk headband can add pattern and texture while helping disguise a bad hair day. 
  3. The right belt, bag or necklace and yes, even a face mask can infuse personality into your look. Designer Michael Kors likens them to an exclamation point at the end of a woman’s outfit. This beautiful face mask, a collaboration between local designer Chloe Angus and Indigenous artist Clarence Mills is a great way to add some zing and a feeling of spring to your ensemble.  Not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good know you’re supporting a great cause. Partial proceeds of these masks go to Helping Spirit Support Lodge, which serves women and children fleeing domestic violence. 
  4. A strategically placed accessory can highlight your best assets and draw attention away from areas you’d like to deemphasize. They are perfect for framing your face during Zoom meetings and putting the focus on your centre of communication. 
  5. One expensive, or expensive-looking, piece can elevate an entire look, especially when dressing for the keyboard up. Tie a silk or satin scarf around your neck while on camera, and then wind it around your purse handle to go out. Artsy, sophisticated and chic.
  6. Accessories will make any outfit look more put-together and intentional. The thoughtful layering of several delicate necklaces can greatly impact even a simple jeans and tee uniform. 
  7. Larger pieces of hardware can bring a sense of occasion to your ensemble and honestly, couldn’t we all use a sense of occasion right about now? Throw on some sparkly beads and, voila! You are fancy.


A Real Gem

Make accessories part of your daily dressing ritual not only for how they make you look but how they make you feel. These personal ornaments are a lovely Mother’s Day gift to give or receive and will have her thinking you’re a real gem for years to come.


Accessories Shopping Guide – Local and/or Female Owned

Prasiolite Pendant Necklace – $95 Karen Wentzel available at House of Jewels 953 Nicola Street 

Long Beaded Bezel Necklace-  $270 Karen Wentzel available at House of Jewels 953 Nicola Street

Dangly Prasiolite Earrings – $55 Karen Wentzel available at House of Jewels 953 Nicola Street

Reptile Print Silk Hairband – $22 House of Jewels 953 Nicola Street 

Vegan Saddle Clutch Purse – (assorted colours) $58 House of Jewels 953 Nicola Street 

Van Gogh Almond Blossoms Satin Scarf – $24.95 Vancouver Art Gallery Store 750 Hornby St.

Chitosante Face Mask – $25 Chloe Angus with artwork by Clarence Mills, Chloe Angus 45 E 6th Ave.

Love Token Necklace – $178 Leah Alexandra

Freshwater Pearl Earrings – $138 Leah Alexandra

Baroque Pearl Necklace – $155 Leah Alexandra

Do you know what else makes a great Mother’s Day gift? Me and my personal styling services, of course! Contact [email protected] for more info.





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