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5 Tips to Finding Your Own Personal Style

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When developing your own personal style, it can be helpful to look to celebrity style for inspiration. Because celebrities are their own “brand”, they have strategically cultivated a look that is consistent with the image they want to project.

Although most of us only dream of having the clothing budget celebs do, we can still look to our favourite stars for fashion direction. While some may argue that subscribing to one particular look can get boring, it’s certainly a good place to start. Having one style personality makes creating a cohesive, functional wardrobe simple and remixing outfits a no-brainer.

Once you find a celebrity whose style and image you admire, you can break down the components of her look to help influence your own signature look.

Even if your body type is quite different than your style crush you can still borrow from her overall esthetique.

For instance, compare these three stylish Kates: Kate Middleton, Kate Moss and Kate Winslet. All three are known for having incredible and distinct personal style that rarely deviates.

Kate Middleton – Duchess of Cambridge

Words to describe her style: classic, refined, preppy, colourful
Key point: Kate always emphasizes her waist

photo credit / photo credit / photo credit

Kate Moss – Supermodel

Words to describe her style: edgy, urban, bohemian, black
Key points: Kate always looks a little less “done” than many celebs (just the right amount to be cool)

photo credit / photo credit / photo credit

Kate Winslet – Actor

Words to describe her style: feminine, form-fitting, romantic, monochromatic
Key points: Kate always shows off her curves

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Now find photos of YOUR favourite celebrity and consider these points:

1. Fit
Look at whether your muse usually wears loose or form fitting clothes. Does she wear fabrics that appear to float away her curves or are more structured? Does she flaunt what-her-mama-gave-her or does she dress modestly more often? Is there one area she consistently accentuates like her narrow waist or her impressive cleavage?

2. Details and Fabrics
Is your favourite celeb partial to badass leather accents or the refined look of a silky blouse? Would she sport distressed denim boyfriend jeans or tailored tweed trousers? Notice whether she goes for elegant and sophisticated or cool and effortless (looking). Are her clothing choices masculine inspired or girly-girl or something in between?

3. Colours and Patterns
Pay attention to whether your style darling generally dresses in bright colours or neutrals…or is she always seen in black? Does she show up in bold prints or tried-and-true solids? Perhaps monochromatic is her go-to look. If she likes prints, what kind of prints? Animal, stripes, plaid, floral, argyle, polka dot, geometric or abstract? Would she be daring and mix them in the same outfit?

4. Accessories
When it comes to bling, is your fashion hero a “less is more” or “more is more” kind of gal? Would she rock a spiked necklace or prefer a classic string of pearls? Is she usually seen carrying a pretty “lady” bag or an over-sized satchel? Does she wear pointy toe pumps or loafers or sneakers?

5. Hair and Makeup
Is your style champ better known for sexy tousled hair or for looking perfectly coiffed? What is it about her makeup that appeals to you? Maybe it’s the way she always has the perfect pout. Perhaps it’s her smoky eyes that you admire or it could be the way she looks fresh and dewy like she’s hardly wearing any makeup at all.

Nail down the key elements of your leading lady’s signature look, and you’ll be able to develop one of your own.

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Dee Clarke

(Originally posted to our former blog November 1, 2015)

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