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Now that spring has officially arrived, there’s no better time to get over your fear of colour.

Introducing Colour Into Your Wardrobe

You might find a top you love in a hue that you’ve never bought before and wonder what the heck you would wear it with.  You’ve heard black goes with everything, but actually pairing brights with black can look dated. Instead of that old default, pair them with an alternative neutral such as grey, camel, olive, oxblood or navy for a modern look. You could also experiment with wearing leopard print or camouflage print as a neutral.

If you are ready to go a little bolder and want to try colour blocking, consider pairing one shade with the one beside it on the colour wheel.

If you know your colouring and always shop within your seasonal palette, then adding a new shade will be a breeze because you know it will go the items you already have in your closet. This makes for a cohesive wardrobe and makes getting dressed infinitely easier.

Colour Pairing Inspiration

You can also use a colourful scarf, piece of jewelry or even a decorative pillow for inspiration. Borrowing from other multicoloured textiles takes the guess work out of colour mixing and will make you look like a pro.



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