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Setting Style Goals for the New Year

Style Goals

Making personal style a personal goal is not a frivolous pursuit. Style goals will not only streamline your closet helping you to shop and dress with intention, but will also help you avoid random incompatible purchases.

Dee’s Style Goals – edgy, adventurous, cool

The laid-back, vintage-y boho look I loved for many years has lost its appeal to me. Instead, I am moving in more of a rocker-chic direction. I have been slowly replacing flowy, paisley printed items with edgy, modern structured pieces that will work for both my professional, personal, (and hockey-mom) life.

Style Goals Dee


Here is what I am working on for 2017:

  • Cull any items I have not worn in the last year
  • Continue to replace worn out urban-hippy pieces with tough(er), modern pieces especially completer pieces
  • Experiment more with juxtaposition (Eg. pairing masculine inspired pieces with feminine, dressy with casual)
  • Play with proportions and textures
  • Create new and interesting combinations with layering
  • Look for and purchase pants that are in between a dress pant and jeans
  • Perfect the DIY manicure and wear nail polish more often
  • Record outfits using the calendar in Stylebook


Mara’s Style Goals – classic, preppy, refined

Style Goals Mara


  • Use my clothing budget to invest in timeless, high quality pieces to wear for years to come
  • Cultivate a wardrobe of pieces I love and eliminate guilt from my closet
    • This year I want to end the obligation I feel to wear pieces I don’t really like but spent “good money” on. Certainly this encourages me to make my purchasing decisions more carefully (always plan ahead, use a shopping list, and don’t buy just because it is on sale).
  • Build a casual wardrobe that is mix-and-match and highly functional
    • Buying office-ready clothes is simple and inspiring to me. Conversely, I have a harder time cultivating my weekend/evening attire, even though I use some of my work wear pieces with my jeans. Ideally, I want a casual wardrobe that has some great pieces I love to wear. Also, I would like my weekend wear to represent my classic-with-a-twist style.

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Dee and Mara

Mara Arnold and Dee Clarke


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