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Up In Arms About Your Arms? – Simple and Timely Tips to Beat the Heat in Style

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We’ve all got our hangups. Some of us don’t want our knees on display. Others want to camouflage their tummy. And a great number of us are afraid to reveal our arms. We often perceive them as too jiggly, saggy or big. We think we’re too old or too fat and our arms are unacceptable. So what’s a girl to do during the dog days of summer when the heat is insufferable, but we’re too self-conscious to flash our less-than-rock-solid arms? You’ve basically got 4 options:

  1. Wilt and suffer in silence (not recommended)
  2. Say “screw it” and remind yourself you absolutely have as much right as Michelle Obama or Madonna to show your arms
  3. Opt for some of the stylish options below
  4. Both 2 AND 3 (HIGHLY recommended)

Arms Control

If fear of (arm) exposure has you longing for cooler temperatures, don’t sweat it, Sister. We’ve got you covered. Look for lightweight tops, dresses or toppers with sleeves that float away from the body and end at your elbow.  The flowy design of the sleeve will conceal, without looking like you are trying to hide something.


A woman wearing a necklace and jeans.


A woman wearing a denim top with a bow.

Vero Moda

A woman wearing a blue top and black pants.


Keeping Perspective and The Right to Bare Arms

When the temperature soars, a sleeve to the elbow can feel suffocating. I know this sounds like counter-intuitive advice, but if a large upper arm is what you are self-conscious about, choose a top without a sleeve. Cap sleeves or short sleeves can have the opposite effect of what you want because they draw the eye to the largest part of your arm.

When choosing a sleeveless top, select one with a wide shoulder and open neck. It’s all about perspective. A wider piece of fabric is more in proportion to the size of your arm, therefore creating visual balance. By contrast, a thin spaghetti strap will emphasize the width of your arm. An open neck will help you avoid looking stocky or boxy.  As an aside, a wider shoulder makes is easier to wear a supportive bra. (See Is Your Chest is in Charge of Your Outfit Choices?) 


A woman wearing a blue and white patterned top.

Nic and Zoe


A woman wearing a pink top and necklace.


A woman wearing a blue top and white pants.



Evening and Formal Options

It can be challenging to find summer evening or formal wear that isn’t sleeveless. How many weddings do YOU have this summer? A lightweight shawl or wrap is an elegant option for anyone wanting some coverage, or for warmth in the evening. It is also going to add glamour to your outfit. Choose silk or satin for a luxurious, sophisticated look.


A woman in black dress and white shawl.


A woman wearing purple and black standing up.



Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Take a risk, break some rules, have some fun with your wardrobe. We can help. A closet overhaul or seasonal refresher is just an email away.





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