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Dee Clarke & Mara Arnold, The Joy of Style

Name: Dee Clarke

Names and ages of children: Ryder, 11 years old

Hometown: Toronto ON

Moonlights as a Fit 4 Two® Pre and Postnatal Fitness Instructor

Guilty Pleasures: red wine, craft beer, cheese

Dislikes: rudeness, bad drivers, leggings as pants, excessive use of “I know, right?!”

Describe your personal style: understated sexy, rocker chic

Celebrity style crush: Kate Moss

Something you might not know about me is: I love to poke around thrift shops and consignment stores. It’s like looking for buried treasure!

Best part of being a personal stylist? When a client says “I never would have tried this on/thought of this combination, but I absolutely love it!”

Favourite thing about Mara: She is an incredibly loyal friend who has a way of bringing a sense of occasion to everything she does.


Name: Mara Arnold

Names and ages of children: Camila, 1 year old

Hometown: Victoria BC 

Moonlights as: an Orthoptist

Guilty Pleasures: cheese (with wine), Pinterest, rearranging my closet…again

Dislikes: over-cooked food, disrespectful attitudes, counterfeit handbags (they’re unnecessary!)

Describe your personal style: Classic blended with preppy and a small dash of girly

Celebrity style crush: Olivia Palermo

Something you might not know about me is: My mother wanted to name me “Ocean”. I am a hippy chic at heart!

Best part of being a personal stylist? I’ve been using paper dolls, Fashion Plates and tearing pages from fashion magazines since I was very young. Now I love to help people find their OWN sense of style.

Favourite thing about Dee: Dee is no-matter-what supportive of me. She always lifts me up and makes me shine!

The best way to get to know us? Book one of our personal styling sessions for yourself or a style party for you and your friends!


Dee and Mara


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