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Video Closet Consultation – Solving Your Dressing Dilemmas From a Distance

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I occasionally receive messages from readers bemoaning the fact they live so far away and are unable to access my personal styling services.  They’d like help purging their closet and remixing their wardrobe. They’d like to know if an outfit is appropriate for an event or which shoes go best with a particular pair of pants. “I wish I could keep you in my back pocket”, one client said. “If only you could teleport yourself here!”, another client said recently. (Definitely, the second option appeals to me more.) But since teleportation is not likely to be an option anytime soon, I’m happy to offer a video closet consultation.

The Video Closet Consultation

The closet consultation is one of my favourite parts of the personal styling experience for a few reasons. Firstly, virtually or literally reaching into your closet allows me to identify your shopping habits, preferences and regrets. Regrets, yes, we all have them.

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Secondly, I’m objective and not emotionally attached to your clothes as you might be. I will help you release the worn out, dated, ill-fitting, and unloved items. You don’t need those pieces taking up precious closet real estate and preventing you from seeing the good stuff.

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Thirdly, creatively remixing your remaining pieces breathes new life into them. It might be as simple as a top and bottom combination you haven’t considered before, adding a belt, switching your shoes or tucking/rolling/layering. Using what you already have is incredibly satisfying, eco-friendly, economical and makes stylish sense.

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Finally, an in-home or video closet consultation helps identify gaps in your wardrobe. Those are the pieces to put on your shopping list. Those are the pieces that will help you reach your style goals.

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I’m thrilled to be able to offer a video closet consultation to distant clients. You can book your video call before your road trip to Vancouver to shop with me or purchase it as a stand-alone service.

Got a Fashion Emergency?

Confused about which shoes to wear with your outfit? Can’t decide which necklace looks best? I’m also excited to offer four x 10-minute bonus video calls per year to clients who purchase a Deluxe Package or for VIP clients. Think of it as your Emergency Style Hotline.

Whether you’re near or far, what are you waiting for? Book your spring and summer closet refresher today.






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