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Glasses – 4 critical style and function factors when choosing spectacular spectacles

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For some people, wearing glasses starts in childhood, before they are old enough to tie their shoes. For the majority, though, it’s a natural part of aging. Poor vision sneaks up in middle age, becoming evident when they find themselves holding the menu three feet away from their face or wondering when the labels on everything became so small. 

According to the Vision Council of America, 64% of the population worldwide wears eyeglasses, and that number is climbing. As our collective screen time has increased, the need for glasses has also risen. With almost seven hours being the worldwide average of daily time spent on devices, it’s no wonder the rate of digital eye strain is increasing, and more folks are sporting specs. 

Even if your current ocular status is 20|20, statistically speaking, there is an excellent chance of eyeglasses in your forecast. Fortunately, glasses have never been more fashionable, and the selection has never been more expansive.


Eyewear is often the first thing people notice about you. Not only do they bring attention to your centre of communication, but eyeglasses also have the power to transform your look, just like a new hairstyle or shade of lipstick. Therefore, it’s important to be choosey when mulling over your options. 



Consider the composition of the frames. You want something comfortable, lightweight, solid, and flexible. Decide if you prefer an easier-to-get-a precise-fit metal frame or a hypoallergenic, colourful, and will-hide-your-coke-bottle-lenses plastic frame.


There are a few ways you can approach choosing the colour of your frames. Determine whether you want your glasses to be a statement or an understatement. Do you want your glasses to stand out and proclaim your fashion prowess, or would you rather they be more neutral so folks barely notice you’re wearing them?

Use the dominant colours in your wardrobe for inspiration, or choose a hue in harmony with your complexion, hair and eye colouring. 

Face Shape and Size

When it comes to the shape of your frames, the general idea is to create balance and keep things in proportion. For example, choose a wide rim if you have a long face. If you have a round face, choose a square frame.

Although exaggerated-sized specs are having a moment (thank you, Iris Apfel!), most faces look fabulous, with the top of the frame hitting between the eyelid and eyebrow. Your eyeglass frames should line up horizontally with the center of your eyes, and the bottom shouldn’t rest on your cheeks when you smile. They should be level on your gorgeous face.

Personal Style

Think of your specs as an accessory that can be interchanged as often as shoes. (Although the expense of beautiful blinkers can make having more than one cost-prohibitive, a person can dream, right?) You might want a more conservative pair for during office hours and a funky pair for evenings/weekends. 

Do you see yourself as the bold and dramatic type or the subtle sophisticate? Sporty or romantic? Minimalist or maximalist? It’s essential to consider the big picture and your unique look; otherwise, you may be wearing a style incongruent with your own, and something will always feel a little off. 


Your glasses are an extension of you. They need to suit your personality and your lifestyle. They should make you feel confident, capable, and attractive. Most importantly, they should improve your vision and quality of life. And as for the question on everyone’s mind: “Will eyeglasses make me look smarter?†Well, that’s pure speculation.


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