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Hats Off to National Hat Day – hat puns, idioms, excessive alliteration & stylish shenanigans

A woman in leopard print jacket and hat.

Keep It Under Your Hat

In honour of National Hat Day, I took a field trip to Granville Island Hat Shop, one of Vancouver’s most beloved and iconic stores where I spoke with owners Andrea Rose-Innes (aka the South African one) and Deb Hilton-Wright (aka the English one) about everything hats.

Conveniently located inside the Net Loft building, these ladies see loyal locals return again and again as well as tourists from all over the globe.

Whether you’re after cold weather woollies or straw hats for summertime, they’ve got you covered. If you’re heading to The Deighton Cup, be sure to swing by for a showstopping chapeau or fabulous fascinator.

Three women wearing hats and posing for a picture.

Wearing many hats: The incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and witty staff of Granville Island Hat Shop (L-R) Andrea, Laura and Deb.


MILLINERY -  mil-lin-nery

noun The design and manufacture of hats. A millinery shop is a store that sells those goods. A milliner or hatter designs, makes, trims, or sells hats.

A bunch of hats are on the table

Granville Island Hat Shop is a hat lover’s Mecca.

Get In The Right Headspace

There are numerous reasons a person might want to get on a Gatsby, slip on a Stetson or pull on a pork pie.  Shop owner Andrea Rose-Innes suggests you decide first what you will be using your hat for. Warmth? Style? Protection from the elements? Are you finishing an outfit or concealing a bad hair day? Do you want to stand out or blend in? All are valid reasons, and the answers will help with your process of elimination.

Don’t Pass the Hat

Think stylish headwear doesn’t look good on you? Shop co-owner Deb Hilton-Wright thinks you are talking through your hat. Many people want to be able to wear one but are convinced hats don’t look good on them and that’s simply rubbish.

The <ahem> hat trick is to find one that fits your head well, is in proportion to your stature and shoulder width, complements your face shape, suits your hairstyle, and is in harmony with your colouring.

Once you find the perfect one, don’t be afraid to tilt it, turn it or flip the brim. Bring your personality, walk tall and OWN IT!

A woman wearing a hat with ears in the shape of an animal.

I’m feeling fantastic in this stingy brim fedora.


A mirror with people in it and hats on the wall

It might not be raspberry, but it IS a beret.


Rose-Innes credits the recent resurgence of hat popularity to several acclaimed television shows. Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Peaky Blinders to name a few.

A man and woman posing for the camera.

“I’ll meet you in the drawing room later, my dahling. I’m off to meet Lady Mary for tea.”


A man in a hat shop with other people.

“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.”


A Feather in Their Cap

The team at Granville Island Hat Shop prides themselves on their millinery knowledge and customer service. Their stock is extensive, but the staff can narrow your choices down based on your preferences and what they know will look great so you don’t become overwhelmed.

Here you’ll find a vast selection of Canadian brands including Lillie and Cohoe, Magill, Parkhurst Crown Cap, Lilliput, Bronsino, Mitchie’s, Canadian Hat, Tilley, Bula, and Alan White Millinery as well as caps imported from as far away as Australia and Italy.

They also carry a wide range of sizes to fit a massive melon or the puniest peanut head.

Whether you prefer modern or classic, glamourous or whimsical styles, hipsters and traditionalists alike will find hats here to go mad for.


You Can Leave Your Hat On

A woman taking a picture of herself in front of many hats.

Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home.


While wearing one type of hat can bring a sense of occasion to your outfit, another sort can be plain utilitarian. Thankfully, many manufacturers are creating stylish and sensible headwear, so you don’t have to choose between fashion and function. Water repellant and crushable fabrics are becoming more common which makes them perfect for travel.

Greek fisherman caps, berets in a variety of fabrics, cloches, fedoras and toques are all currently trending.

Crowning Glory

Granville Island Hat Shop has a sweet deal on right now. While supplies last, get 25% off any scarf or pair of gloves with the purchase of a hat.

If you already own a derby, duckbill, or driver but it’s uncomfortably small, bring it in for complementary stretching. All they ask is that you buy a coffee for a homeless person.

A Tip of the Hats

Looking for the perfect Panama? Head to Granville Island Hat Shop. Need help with the rest of your wardrobe? Contact The Joy of Style. We’ll help you curate a closet you love…and THAT’S a promise you can hang your hat on.






A woman sitting on top of a brown chair.

I’m feeling uber Canadian in this gigantic toque. How’s this for a statement, eh?


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  • Amanda
    January 17, 2018 at 7:24 am

    I love hats and am one of the few that can pull it off in my family. My favourite is the fedora. I love that you can be like a different person in each hat! Awesome post.

    • Dee Clarke
      January 17, 2018 at 7:50 am

      Thanks, Amanda. The fedora is one of my faves too. It’s true you can be like a different person in each hat. I like to have one for all my moods.

  • Alexa
    January 17, 2018 at 1:24 pm

    I looove these hats!

    • Dee Clarke
      January 17, 2018 at 5:31 pm

      Aren’t they awesome? Such a fantastic selection.

  • Enele Ogah
    January 18, 2018 at 9:38 am

    These hats are awesomely beautiful and I’ll probably soon start putting my hats/caps on my phone ???

  • Let's be social!