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The Joy of National Hat Day

A woman and child wearing hats next to a wall.


January 15th is National Hat Day

We love hats! In the first place, they offer a fantastic exclamation point for your outfit. Hats add an element of style to whatever you put on, they keep your head warm and they help you out with a bad hair day. National Hat Day is January 15 and we are all about honouring something so useful AND stylish.

So, what can be done about that dreaded hat head? Watch this…

There are so many different styles of hats, but right now, all I’m thinking about are winter-friendly hats. The humble toque (also known as a beanie in some places) is all about warmth. Choose one in a great colour or pattern that you love, as a way to draw attention to your face.

A collage of photos with woman wearing pink hat and scarf.

A woman and child wearing pink hats sitting on the ground.

A collage of photos with two women and one woman holding the child.

A woman and child sitting on the floor

These beautiful merino wool toques are made by local company Simply Merino. The wool is woven thinly but it is super warm. Adults easily fit the stretchy size large. Additionally, these hats give just the right amount of slouchy warmth for your kids. I love that you can stuff them in your handbag or coat pocket. (Simply Merino is offering our readers 10% off any online order. Use the promo code JOY15 at the checkout. Enjoy the wooly goodness!)

On National Hat Day and all year long, wear your hats proudly and with a style that is your own.


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