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Motherload is the Motherload – A Play Review


photo credit: Itai Erdal

Last Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of going to opening night of Motherload at the recently renovated Cultch theatre in East Van. I have always been a huge lover of community theatre, so admittedly, I was primed to enjoy the show. I’m also a self-professed sucker for movies, plays, TV shows, etc. that toss around the trials and tribulations of motherhood. I had a hunch this production would be right up my maternal alley.

Motherload Delivers

I was not disappointed. The show features a strong cast of four female actors who share their individual stories of motherhood. The good, the bad and the ugly. It wasn’t long before the entire audience was howling with laughter, choking up with tears and nodding with recognition. The relatability of each of the characters in various scenarios was at times embarrassing and, at the same time, reassuring.

Motherload Reminds Us We’re Not Alone

I appreciated that topics considered off-limits even among the closest of friends were presented in a real and honest way. From post-baby sex and overwhelm to fierce love and indescribable joy, this production touches on the many layers of feelings that surface when you sign up for motherhood.

Grab some of your mom friends or even your own mom and go see this show. Motherload runs until Oct 15 at The Cultch theatre.

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*This post was sponsored by The Cultch theatre, but all opinions are my own.


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