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National Underwear Day: What you need to know about your bra

A bra and bracelet on top of the bed.

National Underwear Day

National Underwear Day, since 2003, has been about celebrating how exactly right our bodies are. The intent is to help women and men embrace their body image. Every body is beautiful, and National Underwear Day is for celebrating this fact.

In an effort to help you feel beautiful in your underwear, we asked the lovely Lynda Barr of Diane’s Lingerie to help us out. This is what Lynda wants us to know about how a bra should fit…

A woman with short hair and purple highlights.

Lynda Barr, Diane’s Lingerie

Bra Fit Tips

  • If the bra has a wire, the wire should sit behind the breast tissue at the side
  • The bra band provides most of the support and should fit snugly
  • The band should sit level on the back
  • If a bra fits properly, you should be able to have the straps hang off your shoulders without the bra moving
  • A woman should be fitted every year for a new bra, as bras can lose shape as your shape changes
A bra and bracelet on top of the bed.

Marie Jo Bras from Diane’s Lingerie (photo credit: Dane’s Lingerie)

Vancouver’s own Diane’s Lingerie specializes in custom bra fittings, not just measuring for your bra size. Taking the time to find a bra that fits you properly is such valuable endeavour. All the clothes you own will fit better, feel better and look better than you expected. At The Joy of Style, we know how important well-fitting undergarments are. The foundation of a good outfit is great foundation garments. A custom bra fitting is wardrobe enhancing.A close up of the name diane 's lingerie on a pink and blue background

Lynda leaves us with this sentiment…”at Diane’s, we always strive to ensure the customer receives the right fit for both her body type and lifestyle. We also believe in building a lingerie wardrobe to enhance different styles of clothing from Tshirt style bras, to lacy sexy, strapless, plunge, seamless and sports bras too!”


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