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Stripes – Use Them to Your Advantage


Think you can’t wear stripes? Think again! Everyone can.

Wear Stripes Strategically

Depending on your own figure flattering priorities, you can use this classic pattern to visually lengthen or broaden or narrow. It’s all about the placement of the lines and the direction they’re going.

  • Wherever you wear vertical lines, that area appears elongated and more narrow. Wear them if your goal is to look taller and/or slimmer. Consider a pinstripe pant to lengthen your leg line or a vertical stripe blouse to make a short torso look longer.
  • Wherever you wear horizontal lines, the area will look wider. Perfect if your goal is balance generous hips with slight shoulders or vice versa. Think about sporting a traditional Breton stripe top to minimize the discrepancy between hips and shoulders or putting on a striped skirt to create a more proportionate look if you have wider shoulders. Use them to add curves to a boyish figure or make a small bust look fuller.
  • Diagonal lines are your friend if your goal is to make an area appear leaner. Diagonal lines create an optical illusion of movement. They draw the eye up and down instead of straight across. Place diagonal stripes wherever you want to look slender.

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