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Suits and Blazers- 3 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Old Favourites

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On more than one occasion, I have looked into the deepest crevices of a client’s closet and found beautiful, quality, classic, work appropriate suits and blazers. When asked why these pieces were at the back of the closet instead of in regular rotation, clients frequently explained they were tired of these pieces because they felt they had worn them to death. They were reluctant to get rid of them however, because they paid good money for them, the pieces were still in great condition and the styles were timeless. My guess is you probably have similar items in your closet. If you’re holding on to them, you likely think you will wear them again someday. Let’s make that someday sooner rather than later.

3 Simple Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Old Suits and Blazers 

Your office dress code will dictate how formal you need to dress at work. Not every option below will get the thumbs up from management if you work in a conservative setting. Use your discretion, but consider these simple ideas to get more wear from your work wear.

Choose a Colour or Patterned Blouse That Shows Some Personality

This suggestion will work well in a business casual or creative environment. In order for your outfit to be interesting to you, but still get the green light from the boss in a conservative office, it might mean adding texture rather than colour, or a more subdued pattern versus something bold.

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 Leave Your Blouse Untucked to Show Off a Layer Underneath Your Jacket

This is a great way to make your traditional suits and jackets look more casual and modern. Choose a top made from fabric that is going to skim your body and not be too clingy.


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Add or Change Up the Accessories You Wear with Your Suits

  • SHOES Wear a coloured or textured shoe. If your office dress code or your personality doesn’t allow for bold shoes, try wearing a shoe in a different neutral. Wear a cognac, nude, snake skin or metallic pump instead of predictable black.

    A woman in black suit sitting on top of a wall.

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  • BAGS Carry a coloured or printed bag. Your bag does not have to match your shoes, it just needs to go with your outfit. Remember that a bag with structure is more work appropriate than one that is slouchy and reads as relaxed.
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  • BELTS Belting your blazer helps give waist definition as well as a pop of colour, texture or pattern. Altering the suit’s shape this way can help make a jacket look less boxy, add a touch of femininity, and make your outfit look more intentional.
A woman in a gray suit with a belt around her waist.

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  • JEWELRY Wear a statement necklace. Adding a modern piece around your neck will help update your office outfit. It will also draw the eye up towards your centre of communication (aka your face).
A woman in black suit and white shirt talking on phone.

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Spring is just around the corner. Does your closet need a refresher?

Sometimes it’s not about replacing, but about learning to shop your closet and remixing what you already own.

We can breathe new life into your work and/or casual wardrobe. Book your spring appointment today and reemerge from winter with renewed confidence and joy.

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