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Style Fix: Your winter sweater

Style Fix your sweater cover

Even though January in this part of the world is not too cold, it is still considered sweater weather. Come September each year I pull out all of my sweaters from the bin under my bed and I wear them with glee, even sometimes if the temperatures are still on the warm side. By the end of January, however, I am a little tired of my over-loved sweaters and I need to mix things up a bit. Today’s Style Fix is all about layering your sweater to add some spice to your day-to-day wear.

This grey and black sweater is one I have had for many years. It is soft, not too thick, and quite light. It even went with me on three-city, carry-on-only honeymoon in Europe four years ago. Obviously, a sweater is really easy to wear with jeans and boots on the weekends. This photo by my husband shows how I typically wear it. Simple, right?


I wanted to explore a few ways to dial up the style factor for this sweater. Just some easy layering that you could test drive with your own winter basics.

Style Fix 1:

First up, my two-tone sweater layered with my pink gingham button-up. The collar of the shirt brings a little dose of colour up to my face and the rolled-up cuffs bring a little visual interest to the top half of this ensemble.

Such a poser!

Style Fix 2:

Next I tried to make my sweater a little longer by layering it over a white long sleeved T-shirt. Peeking out the bottom of my sweater, the T-shirt adds another section of neutral colour-blocking in addition to the black and grey.

Heyyyy. Shoes off the couch!

Style Fix 3:

I have this great graphic black and white striped long-sleeved T-shirt with lace inset on the sleeves that I got years ago. It makes a great layering piece for my simple sweater. I love the texture it adds from under my pushed-up sweater sleeves and I like that you can see the stripes a little bit through the grey part of the sweater.


All that’s left now is for you to try it with your own winter sweater!

For more sweater styling tricks, check out our One Item, Two Stylists post on layering your ugly Christmas sweater here. The layering ideas still apply even if it is not an ugly Christmas sweater you are wearing!

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