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We take our personal shopping clients everywhere! The Joy of Style is not affiliated with any stores. We receive no commission or kick-backs on sales. There’s nothing in it for us except the satisfaction of a having a happy client. Rest assured when we tell you something looks fabulous on you, we mean it.

3 Factors We Use to Determine Where to Take You Personal Shopping:

Personal Taste and Lifestyle

Every client’s taste and preferences are unique so we hit up different stores each time to find the styles we know will resonate with you. We would not take a client with a fondness for edgy urban styles to Tommy Hilfiger or a conservative young professional to Guess, nor are not going to dress our clients like us. We want you to feel like the best dressed version of yourself for the lifestyle you have. You’ve heard the expression “Dressed for Success.” It doesn’t only apply to corporate jobs. You can dress for success in all areas of your life.


Our clients are petite, average, tall,  plus sized and everything in between.  Although many can shop off the rack, occasionally we may need to shop in a specialty store to get the right fit. Even those who are able to shop in regular stores will sometimes need to factor in the cost of alterations to ensure their clothes look flattering.


It is our goal to help you spend your money wisely and to help you stretch your dollar. We love deals and are gifted at finding them. Based on the shopping list we created during your closet consult and the budget you’ve given us to work with, we determine which items to purchase where and at which price point. We will always consider cost per wear and choose quality over quantity. Obviously a bigger budget will broaden the selection of choices, but I can assure you, you don’t need to have a million bucks to feel like a million bucks.





Dee Clarke



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