Strategic Dressing

5 Ways to Speak Without Saying a Word

In a previous post we discussed how the simple act of dressing well can bring you joy and how there is distinct and positive correlation between looking good and feeling good. But there is another major reason for moms to dress well.  

Whether we like it or not, people judge us by our appearance.  

How we dress (and our body language) are forms of non-verbal communication which may attract, repel or intimidate others. Beyond personal grooming or particular clothing brands, other aspects of your outfit can speak volumes. The right outfit can reveal how you are organized, reliable, creative, approachable, detail-oriented, authoritative, fun, creative, etc. without you saying a word.  On the other hand, without realizing it, your go-to outfit might be telling people you are conservative and old fashioned when really you are a forward thinker. Or you may unknowingly come across as threatening when you are actually a sweetheart. 

It’s an evolutionary human instinct to collect visual clues about the personality and lifestyle of the people we meet.

The good news is you have some control over the impression you make just by being conscientious of your clothing choices (baby spit-up, children’s fingerprints notwithstanding).  By dressing strategically you can express the qualities which your audience considers desirable.

Your clothing should match your message.

Whether you are a mom returning to the workforce after mat leave,
 a single mom out on a date, a “mompreneur” applying for a new biz bank loan, PAC president at your child’s school, having drinks with colleagues after work or a mom simply going about one of the million other things moms do in the world, dressing well and with intention shows you respect and understand your audience.  

Consider these clothing characteristics that can speak for you…or against you:

1. Colour Examples
    -vibrant brights vs soft pastels, somber darks or subdued neutrals 
    -solids vs prints (eg animal, polka dot, stripes, paisley, graphic, floral, plaid)

2. Texture Examples
    -crisp vs soft, shiny vs matte, fine vs chunky, silky vs rugged

3. Line Examples
    -straight vs flowy, form fitting vs loose fitting

4. Style Examples  
    -Preppy, Sporty, Feminine, Edgy, Classic, Trendy, Boho, Artsy, Elegant, Sexy, etc.

5. Finishing Touch and Accessory Examples 
    -leather, lace, zippers, bows, fur or sequin details 
    -structured vs slouchy handbag or 
    -classic pearls vs bold statement necklace

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Helping our clients build a wardrobe that resonates with them, assists them in making the connections they want and projects their desired message is one of the things YMM does best.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you say the right thing…without saying anything at all!

Love, Dee

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