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Style Fix, November 2015 Edition

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At The Joy of Style (formerly Yummy Mummy Makeovers), we support your desire to wear comfortable clothes you feel great in. In fact, that is how we always want you to dress. In addition to being comfortable and feeling great however, we know you also want to look put-together and stylish. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions on how to turn a plain, everyday look into one that looks as though you are dressing with care and intention.

Check out this photo:

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Regardless of what you think of Jennifer Lopez’s music, she is a smart, savvy, do-it-all kind of woman with twins on top of everything else. She is a very busy mom (though with many paid assistants, I would imagine). While this outfit looks comfortable and easy, it conveys an impression that she has given up on herself.

Here’s the fix:

1. Choose a more structured boot
This style of Ugg-type boot has its place in the world. The original was designed to be pulled on over cold, sandy feet after surfing. A better boot option for running around with your kids is something that has more versatility. Try a flat or low-heeled shorter boot. If your jeans are straight-legged or skinny, cuff them to hit a few centimetres above the top of the boot when standing.

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2. Pick a top that is in good shape
Jennifer Lopez has a great message on her T-shirt, but the sleeves look stretched-out. If you choose to wear a T-shirt with your jeans, choose one that is in good condition. Pick one that has a message or image that speaks to you. As an alternative, think about choosing a T that is made of something other than cotton. Try silk, polyester or rayon which all have fantastic drape.

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3. Add a completer piece
One way to look instantly pulled together is to add a topper to your outfit. Still comfortable, but now complete. This third element makes your jeans-and-T-shirt combo into an outfit. Try a soft cardigan, a leather moto jacket or an oversized boyfriend blazer.

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If you want guidance to bring fresh style into your wardrobe, contact us today. Book a consultation with us and we will give you the tools you need to increase your stylishness.


(Originally published November 16, 2015 on our former blog)

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