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3 Easy and Affordable Ways to Resuscitate Your Old Suit

On more than one occasion I have looked into the deepest crevices of a client’s closet and found beautiful, quality, classic, work appropriate items. When asked why these pieces were at the back of the closet instead of in regular rotation, clients frequently explained they were tired of these pieces because they felt they had worn them to death. They were reluctant to get rid of them however, because they were actually still in great shape. My guess is you probably have similar items in your closet. 

Rather than relegating that suit or blazer to the back of the closet, try these simple tips to bring it back to life.

1. Change your blouse underneath. Wear a bold colour or pattern that shows a bit of vibrancy and personality.

2. Do you always tuck your blouse in? Try leaving your blouse out to reveal a bit of colour or pattern underneath your blazer.

3. Add or change up your accessories. Wear a coloured or printed shoe. Carry a coloured or printed bag (it does NOT have to match your shoes, it just needs to go with your outfit.)
Wear a shoe in a different neutral.  How about a cognac, nude, snakeskin or metallic pump instead of black?

Try a thin belt over top of your skirt or try belting your blazer for a pop of colour.

Wear a statement necklace. Adding a bit of bling around your neck will rejuvenate your look.

Breathing new life into your closet is one of the things we do best!  
Contact YMM today to see how we can resuscitate your wardrobe.

Love, Dee

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