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Style Fix, December 2015 Edition

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This Style Fix post is about fit. Dress to fit the body you have now, not the one you wish to have or the one you used to have. At The Joy of Style, we want you to celebrate you just as you are. Whatever journey you are on with your body, we support you. You don’t need to change your shape to something different in order to raise your style quotient. You can simply adjust how you present yourself to your world. Enjoy your shape by dressing yourself with joy in ways that enhance your stylishness. Proper fit of your clothes can reduce any feeling of frumpiness in your outfit. Too big can be just as unstylish as too small. In this photo the two women are wearing appropriately fitted tops but both pants need some adjustments:

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The Style Fix:

  1. Pant Length. Both of these pants are hemmed for higher heels than what these women are wearing. Have your pants hemmed for the shoes you will wear them with most often whether that is flats or heels.
  2. Waist. The woman on the left is wearing pants that are several sizes too large for her. The extra fabric in the crotch and the hips creates the appearance of this lovely woman looking bigger than she is and sloppier than she intended to be. The woman on the right wears pants that are quite low-waisted. It is definitively more modern to wear pants that are higher on the waist. It’s just more comfortable too. And there is less worry about what you are revealing when you stoop to pick up your pen!
  3.  Topper. Both outfits would look more pulled together and intentional with a completer piece like a cardigan or a blazer. Try a colour or texture that you love.
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  4. Accessorize. A cluster of bangles, an heirloom watch, a beaded necklace to draw the eye to your face. All of these options will put your own particular stamp of personality on your outfit. Accessories will let your personal style shine through. Experiment with different combinations of what you have in your jewelry box. You just might discover a new way to wear some old favourites.

The Joy of Style can help you find clothes to fit the beautiful body you have now. Contact us today and let your personal style shine. Happy styling!





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