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How Will You Celebrate National Backward Day?

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National Backward Day and Style

National Backward Day honours everything that is backward. Some say it is a way to add a little madness to the mediocrity of everyday life. We plan to be a just a little bit wackado and a little bit literal by flipping just one item of clothing back to front. Today, we showcase the cardigan…worn backward.

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A woman standing in front of a hedge wearing white sneakers.

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It can be good to shake things up a little, especially when it comes to your closet. With a some pre-planning, wearing something you own in a new way can give your entire view of your wardrobe a little refresh. Breathe new life into your wardrobe by wearing something you already own in a new way. Sometimes, looking at something from a new perspective can alter your appreciation for it. As an illustration, change the way you wear just one of your closet staples. Inspire your own personal style by contemplating new ways to wear your regular clothing. Ultimately, that is what defines personal style. Use an item designed to be worn in a designated way and wear it YOUR way. You may be surprised at how inspired you are.

What Else Can Be Worn Backward?

Cardigans are an easy flip, but what about some other options? Bustiers are meant to be worn against the skin. Try doing the opposite. Wear that bustier on top of a classic button-up shirt with some heels and ankle pants. It is just a little bit backward to wear your bustier outside your shirt instead of inside it. Comparatively, slip dresses are everywhere right now. They are being worn on top of thin-knit turtlenecks or slim-fit T-shirts. This throws the idea of wearing an ethereal, barely-there dress on it’s head. Pairing a silky slip dress (sultry) with a turtleneck (prudish) is just the right amount of backward.

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