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A few weeks ago Dee and I were invited to Parrish’s house to spend the afternoon giving her the Yummy Mummy Makeovers Deluxe Package experience! Parrish had told us she wanted a closet that is a joy to open in the morning. Now, you have to know how excited we were about this! Parrish is a Content Strategist and Writing Coach with a pure heart and bright ideas. She is warm, inviting and professional and we want her clothes to compliment her true self stylishly.

Before our closet session, Parrish created a few collages on Pinterest to show us her style goals. Parrish needed comfortable layered outfits that could be styled for work or family time and she wanted to be taken seriously, but with her creative edge shinning through.

We arrived at Parrish’s home with our big smiles and our big natural-daylight lamp. Part One of our afternoon with Parrish was to assess what colours best suited her features and colouring. She looked smashing in cool-based, less intense colours. This colour group made her skin glow and her eyes sparkle! Next we assessed Parrish’s body shape, talked about her favourite parts and how best to dress to flatter them with clothes. Then we opened the doors to Parrish’s closet!

It turns out that Parrish had very few clothes. She is not the woman with a closet overstuffed with items she never wears. For the last five years she was either pregnant or breast feeding and clothes were not a priority. Some of her favourite items were so well-loved they were breaking down. Some of the colours were best suited to someone else.  And some of the clothes in her closet were the wrong fit. She had trousers purchased on a special trip to Costa Rica that were disappointingly too short when worn with shoes. Unfortunately, the hem could not be lengthened.  

After weeding out what wasn’t working for Parrish, she was left with few items. She did have some gems in her closet: a great grey tweed blazer thrifted a few years ago, black skinny jeans with a perfect fit, versatile wedges and some flattering tops. But we needed to create some business-appropriate looks, and fast. We knew that we would shop in order to fill the holes, but Parrish had some events to get to before then. We dived right in and mixed her well-curated pieces in a few ways she hadn’t thought of before and voila! New and fresh combinations made appearances at Parrish’s women-in-business luncheon, her speaking event and her brainstorming session the next week.

Regularly repeating outfits that fit well, flatter your skin tone and make you feel great is encouraged by YMM!

We made a shopping list of the pieces she needed: tops to go with her blazer, another pair of jeans and a drapey cardigan that could be dressed up for work functions and dressed down for playing on the floor with her kids. We set a date to shop together and Parrish told us her shopping budget.

The day before our planned shop day, Dee and I massaged Parrish’s shopping list to fit her budget. We went to several stores downtown and chose clothes to fit Parrish’s size, colours, shape, style, budget, AND we stuck to the shopping list! We took care of what many moms consider to be PAINFUL AND TIME-CONSUMING: the hunting and gathering part of the shopping experience. Parrish could simply show up and try things on. She later told us our pre-shop was what she appreciated the most about the YMM experience. 

On the shopping day our selection of items was waiting in each store. Of the things we chose, Parrish purchased some fantastic pieces. She grabbed a perfectly-fitted pair of jeans for under $20! Score! She took home a heather pink, well-structured blazer and several tops that go with her blazers and cardigans. We also found a reversible necklace so versatile that the cost-per-wear will be pennies! It was a great shopping day.

Best of all? Parrish’s flattering and coordinated wardrobe of favourites mixed with new pieces makes it a pleasure to get dressed in the morning!

YMM can help you reach YOUR true style potential. Check out our website for our service list and we will connect you with your most stylish self. Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Drop hints to your husband and kids that YMM gift certificates make great gifts!

Love, Mara

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