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Boho Chic – Does Your Summer Style Say Modern Hippie or Stuck in Time?

A good friend of mine told me she kept hearing the term “Boho Chic” but was not exactly sure what it meant.

What is Bohemian or Boho Chic?

boh-HEE-mee-uh n


a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.

a Gypsy

The Vibe

Bohemian chic, (boho for short), has been trendy for years but tends to surge in popularity as temperatures heat up and music festival season gets underway. I would describe boho style as casual and earthy with ethnic influences. The vibe says, “artsy”, “worldly traveller” and “free spirit”.

Boho is characterized by loose and flowy silhouettes. It’s a very relaxed and unfussy fashion trend. Think maxi dresses, peasant blouses, bell sleeves, and flared pants. Sandals and tank tops. Baggy printed pants in a lightweight fabric with elastic or drawstring waist. Clothing that looks lived-in.

Boho for Grown Ups

I’ve seen boho interpreted as hippie chic, but also as stuck-in-the-60’s and clinging-to-my-youth. I doubt if the latter is what you’re going for. You can get the boho vibe without appearing as if you got left behind at Woodstock. The key is to mix a few retro-looking pieces with current ones and limit the number of boho pieces you wear at a time.

  • Seek out details such as beads, fringe, tassels, feathers and pom poms on clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.
  • Choose durable and comfortable fabrics such as suede, leather, denim and cotton, but try pairing them more luxurious or delicate fabrics like lace to elevate your outfit.
  • Prints such as paisley, Navaho, Aztec, elephants, flowers, or anything ethnic, have that boho vibe. Instead of wearing one of these prints as a cotton peasant skirt or top, consider a crisp or silky fabric for a more sophisticated air.
  • Cut-off shorts are popular with the bohemian crowd, but jeans snipped into shorts can come across as very young. A frayed edge on the hem of your jeans, denim skirt or denim jacket is a grown-up yet youthful way to wear cut-offs. How about a denim jacket with the collar cut off?
  • Embroidered and distressed denim. Enjoy both of these but remember a little of each goes a long way.
  • Band t-shirts are a great way to show personality. Go for fitted styles versus boxy. (Bonus points for authentic concert tour tee.)
  • Sandals. Simple Birkenstocks are a hippie classic but look for embellished sandals too. I also appreciate a suede bootie to go with my hippie outfits.
  • Vintage tops, bottoms, dresses or jackets can work beautifully. Be sure to pair them with something modern, so your outfit looks intentional instead of dated.
  • Layer on the jewellery. Silver or gold with turquoise stones suits this look. Bring on the stacks of bangles, long earrings, floppy wide-brimmed hats and slouchy hobo bags.

Accessories Make the Outfit

Sometimes all you really need is a few accessories to create the mood you’re after. No need to buy new clothes when you’ve got pieces like these to expand your summer wardrobe.




boho chic

Silky feather-print tunic (Plenty), denim jacket (vintage Esprit), tassel necklace (J. Crew)


boho chic

Clutch (My Sister’s Closet), jeans (Mavi), bangle (The House of Jewels), sandals (vintage Le Papillon)


boho chic

Fringe sandals (Matiko) + distressed denim (Mavi)


Remember not to go overboard. Choosing one or two vintage-y items and pairing them with contemporary pieces is usually all it takes to achieve boho chic status.

Have a great summer. Make love, not war. Peace out!

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