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One Top, Four Ways To Wear It – This Trick is a Real Game Changer

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I have this one top in my closet that I knew I was going to buy as soon as I saw it in the store. It is charcoal grey and made of a thick ponte fabric that feels as soft as a sweatshirt. It’s got these wide, sewn-down folds that run diagonally across the waistline. They remind me of a half-finished origami project I once attempted. In short, I love it!

On the downside of this top, its boxy cut and hip-grazing length make it a little bit hard to wear. Did I buy it anyway? Hells, yeah! It was also on clearance. But know that this wasn’t really a spontaneous or completely random impulse buy. Consistently, I use this little trick before I make a clothing purchase. I think of at least three different ways to wear the item, using things I already have in my closet.

One Top, Four Ways to Wear It

Bear in mind; this doesn’t mean I have three different pairs of jeans I can wear with this top. I do, but that’s not the point. If you were considering a top for yourself, you want your new top to be worn in three different ways. Think about dressing the item down for casual days. Picture dressing up the new purchase for work. Imagine the piece on a date night. The item you want to buy doesn’t have to be that versatile, necessarily. But it’s good to consider if the item might be.

The Top With Jeans

This top goes with jeans. So many of the tops we have almost automatically go with most of your jeans. Change the footwear, change the denim colour, or change the denim shape. Add accessories. A neckerchief, bold earrings or a statement necklace would make each work well with this top. Put on a blazer or a cardigan to change up and complete the look. All of these options with jeans will work to create your own look with your new top.

A woman standing on the sidewalk holding her purse.

The Top For Work

I love how this top looks with a pencil skirt. I wear pencil skirts almost every week at my office. The seaming detail on this top looks refined under a blazer. This one top complements both solids and prints easily. With jeans and now for work? That’s two ways to wear it with things I already own.

A woman standing in the grass holding onto a bag

A woman standing in the grass holding onto her purse.

The Top For An Event

It can be a challenge to have one top that works with both your kicking-around jeans and your fancy clothes. Fortunately, this top’s stitched-in folds give it a kind of architectural peplum. It is a little nod to a classic feminine silhouette that works well for dressing up. With a sequin skirt, some heels and an evening bag, this top will fit right in at a fancy-schmancy party.

A woman standing in front of a wall holding onto a purse.

The Top On Date Night

I quickly realized this top could be worn on date night (a rare occurrence when you have a toddler) with a few stylistic changes. I paired it with my faux-leather pants and cinched the waist with a wrap belt. Important when shopping, consider how you might layer something under the top, as well. I am thrilled with how well this short-sleeved top works over my silk button-down shirt. This whole layered look also works well with flat shoes, too. Just in case your sitter bails last-minute.

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The Joy of Style

Life is simpler when you have a closet that is functional, versatile and efficient. Envisioning three ways you can wear an item will help you to build a wardrobe that is mix-and-match and highly wearable. Try it out next time you find yourself falling for something you just have to have. Or hire us to do the mixing for you.

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