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Budget Now for Fall Wardrobe Purchases

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The lazy, hazy days of summer are finally upon us. Time to start thinking about your fall budget. (Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.) Although sweaters, boots, and coats are likely the last thing you’re thinking about as you’re ocean-side sipping your pricey iced mocha frappucino, putting money aside now will pay off later. Even if you don’t know now exactly what you want to purchase, your future-self will thank you when she can buy what she wants when she sees it.

3 Good Reasons to Budget in the Summer for Fall

  1. Fall and winter wardrobe items are typically more spendy than lightweight summer pieces.
  2. There are many additional expenses that time of year such as back-to-school shopping and Christmas.
  3. You won’t have to wait for things to go on sale mid-season. There is a greater selection, and you are more likely to find your size when the new fashions arrive.

If a new winter coat or boots are on your list, consciously planning for those big-ticket items will make for a less-painful purchase later. Estimate what you’ll need to fork out and start squirrelling that away. You’ll likely want to add to few trendy pieces and will need to replace others so consider that in your budget as well.

Now get back to your fun in the sun!





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