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Flaunt Fashion Library – The sister’s closet you always wanted

A row of dresses hanging on clothes racks.


We’ve all been there before. You get invited to a big event and have nothing suitable to wear. Feeling panic, you rush out to buy something new. You end up spending more than you want on an item you only wear a handful of times or you buy what you can afford, not necessarily what you love. So what’s the solution? What’s a fashionable, eco-conscious, money savvy girl to do? Do what I did and head to Flaunt Fashion Library.

Flaunt Fashion Library

I first heard about Flaunt Fashion Library in October when I was at the Fall for Local craft fair in North Vancouver. We preach about sustainable fashion and reducing clothing waste, so when I saw Kim Luu’s table there, I was intrigued by her clothing rental business concept.

Two women talking to each other at a table.

 Borrowed is the New Black 

~Kim Luu

Imagine the sister, or rather, the sister’s closet that you always wanted. Flaunt Fashion Library feels like that! Kim’s carefully curated closet has robes ranging from cute cocktail dresses to red-carpet-worthy designer gowns. Prices range from $45 to $125 per 4 or 8 day rental. Sizes range from 0-12 (As a personal shopper, I know that women of all sizes and shapes have occasions to dress up. Kim explained to me that as the business expands, Flaunt will expand the range of sizes if the demand is there).

Customers can either peruse the website or make an appointment to browse the studio in person. Because sizes can vary from brand to brand, I decided to visit her Gastown shop.

A woman looking at clothes on a rack.

When I arrived, I described to Kim the type of dress I was looking for (not too short, not black, sexy-but-not-too-sexy, and sleeveless). A few minutes later, she handed me 4 beautiful dresses that all met the criteria.

I picked this gorgeous, navy blue, allover lace dress with tiny cutout seams down the front of the bodice and around the waist. I was thrilled with it. At the event, I felt like a million bucks and people were complimenting me all night long. Well, you know I can’t keep a good thing to myself. I had to share where I picked up this fabulous frock with everyone I spoke to that night. You however, needn’t divulge your source…but, like me, maybe you’ll want to.

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The Morning After

Returning the dress was super convenient. The next day, I simply placed the dress inside the prepaid-postage return bag and dropped it by my local postal outlet. Easy breezy. I didn’t have to worry about dry cleaning. It’s included in the rental fee.

Flaunt Monthly Subscription

Although their party dresses range from size 0-12, Kim let me know Flaunt works with a wider size range for the Flaunt Daily box, which is their stylist-curated monthly subscription. This service gives members access to a rotating work wardrobe for $55-$99/month.

 Holiday Style

The festive season is here! Do you have any grand parties to attend? For convenience, cost and eco-friendly fashion, do yourself, the earth and your bank account a favour and check out Flaunt Fashion Library. BONUS: You get 15% off your first rental, and when you refer a friend you both get $10 off your rentals (Some restrictions apply, contact Flaunt Fashion Library for details).


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Mara Arnold and Dee Clarke

*This post was sponsored by Flaunt Fashion Library, but all opinions are my own.

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