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Celebrity Inspired Styles – Locally Sourced and For Less

A woman walking down the street wearing a coat.

It’s such a tease. You see a photo in a magazine or on Pinterest of a killer outfit you know you would rock. Then you whine with disappointment when you learn those specific items are not available in Canada. It is especially frustrating when it’s a celebrity’s style featured. You quickly realize the item you are coveting is not only geographically but financially out of reach.

Of course, there is online shopping, but sometimes the price of shipping and the potential for the item to be ill-fitting may make this option cost prohibitive. (Personally, I prefer to support Canadian retailers whenever possible…and enjoy the challenge of getting the look for less.)

Celebrity-Inspired Styles – Locally Sourced and for Less

Here’s the thing, you can still get the look without the exact pieces. Once you learn how to dissect an outfit, you can recreate it using local retailers that are within your neighbourhood and priced within your snack bracket.*

For example, I was drooling over the above picture of Olivia Palermo and decided to try to recreate her fabulous outfit.

Scrutinize the Details

The first step when attempting to copy an outfit you admire is to examine it to figure out exactly what it is you like about it. It might a silhouette you’ve never tried. Perhaps you like architectural details. Maybe you like the simple clean lines or how the wearer plays with proportions.

It was the neutral colour palette and silhouette of Olivia Palermo’s outfit that caught my eye. I also appreciate the juxtaposition of the masculine inspired overcoat with the feminine skirt and boots. The hunt was on to find similar pieces that would recreate her celebrity look.

The Boots

I set out looking for a tall pair of black boots with a pointy toe and stiletto heel. These ones fit the bill perfectly.  They are a great price for boots that will go with a lot of other things most women already have in their closet.

A black pair of boots with a zipper on the side.

Nine West available at Nordstrom $175


The Coat

A camel coat is a classic that can be worn for years to come. I quite like the boxiness of this one. This particular shade of camel is not too beige and not too brown. It’s juuuuuust right.


A man in a tan coat is standing up.

Babaton – Stedman coat available at Artizia $298


The Purse

Tassels are all the rage right now. This one allows you to wear the trend without breaking the bank.

A black purse with tassels on top of it.

Leith suede clutch available at Nordstrom $94


The Skirt

I had no luck finding a vertical striped AND pleated midi skirt, but I did find this black pleated midi skirt which may end up being more versatile than stripes. The pleats still have the elongating effect I was after even though the skirt is a solid colour. (Confession. I own a skirt similar to this one and am thrilled every chance I get to wear it.)

A woman wearing black leather pleated skirt.

Bardot – Rada pleated A-line skirt available at Hudson’s Bay $119


The Top

Since I was unable to find the multicoloured skirt and did not want to pair black on the top with black on the bottom, this olive one is still within the earthy autumn palette of the inspiration outfit. It has a similar statement sleeve which you can see peeking out beneath her overcoat.

A woman wearing a gray top with long sleeves.

Bell-sleeve top available at Hudson’s Bay $24.99


You Don’t Have to be a Star, Baby… (be sure to click here)

The thrill of the wardrobe chase is not everyone’s jam, but it IS ours. We are delighted to hunt down those pieces for you that make you feel like a star even if you have not quite reached celebrity status. Contact us now for your fall closet refresher.

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*Thanks to author and photographer Sandra Vander Schaaf for teaching me this brilliant expression.

(Olivia Palermo photo credit Who What Wear)

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