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The Evening Bag: How to make your party clothes better

A woman in red dress holding onto a leopard print purse.

Dress For a Party

Picture this: you’re wearing your party outfit, your shoes are just right, you’ve got a glass in one hand and an hors d’oeuvre in the other. At the same time, over your shoulder is your every-day bag, that one that holds your life. You can solve all of your life’s problems with the contents of that tote. Hand sanitizer, snacks, extra footwear, your laptop…all things that are in the way at an event. Why not save your shoulder, and your grace, and bring a small, outfit-defining evening bag?
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What Your Evening Bag Should Not Be

A special occasion bag can be whatever. However, it’s not one you use every day and it’s not meant for going to your job. Potentially, you could keep your cash and plastic in it, tossed in your work bag. Leave your tote at work and take just your small bag for happy hour after work.
A woman in a dress and shoes holding a purse.

Kristy’s clutch is a cosmetics bag turned half inside out to show off the lining.

Your evening bag doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be designed only for use as a purse. Grandmothers are an amazing source for the most beautiful and sentimental handbags. I have my grandmother’s wedding purse made of lush midnight blue velvet. It needs the clasp replaced but it will add sweet thoughts and poise to whatever event I take it to.
A woman in a blue dress holding an orange wallet.



Two women holding clutches and a watch

Kate and Adriana

I’ve been known to create an evening bag out of gift-with-purchase cosmetic bag. The cost is minimal and you simply tuck it under your arm and go. Look through the things you already own for something to pair with your outfit. This type of free pouch can be a great source of colour or pattern to mix into your outfit.
Two women standing next to each other holding clutches.

Ali’s clutch reads “Cha Cha” and Sarah’s oversized clutch is a gift-with-purchase pouch.

What Your Evening Bag Should Be

A group of women standing next to each other.
A clutch is a perfect example of a special occasion bag. A minaudière is a hand-held, hard-sided small case that looks precious and will step up any-old-thing to look fully glam. Wristlets are small bags with a short, looped strap on one end. These bags make it easy to balance food, drink and introductions, all while one is dangling from your wrist. A long-strap handbag is fantastic for hands-free socializing. Similarly, a small, top-handle bag makes the perfect evening bag.
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A woman standing in front of a wall holding a purse.



Three women in black and white outfits with a pink purse.

Kate, Claire and Ali

What Your Evening Bag Might Contain

Cards, cash, cell, keys, lippy. That’s about it. I have, on occasion, stuffed squash-able, walkable flats into my slightly-oversized clutch so I can stride confidently to catch the skytrain post-party. Lately, I’ve been bringing my party shoes in a cloth shoe bag. Then, I slip into them upon arrival at the event and leave my commuting flats in the shoe bag on a hanger in the coatcheck.
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A woman standing in front of a potted plant.


So, how do you make your party clothes more stylish? One way is to leave your big day bag at work. Additionally, figure out how to leave all of your just-in-case supplies at home and pick a fancy bag suited to the occasion. Take this as an opportunity to add texture, pattern and shine to your outfit with your evening bag.

The Joy of Style

Accessorizing is something we love to do. In essence, we can construct an entirely new look by simply changing up your accessories. Let us show you how. Contact us today and we will help you maximize your closet.
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