Moms Mother's Day

Mom, this is what we really think of you.


Mara and I have the pleasure of working with hundreds of moms in both our individual and joint businesses. We’ve seen the joys and triumphs as well as the frustration and heartbreak that comes with the designation “mom”. Each mother and child relationship and every situation is unique, but in our experience, one thing remains constant: every mom we’ve seen is doing the best she can.

Mom, we see what you are doing…and we think you’re amazing!

We see moms pursuing careers they love while still making bedtime stories a priority.

We see moms working in jobs they don’t love just to make ends meet.

We see moms who have given up their careers to stay home with their littles.

We see moms battling cancer while still putting the needs of their kids first.

We see moms living with disabilities who are unstoppable.

We see moms fiercely advocating for their special needs child and the needs of ALL children in our province who attend public school.

We see moms staying up to the wee hours to complete their Masters in order to reach that next pay grade.

We see moms driving the team to practice several times a week.

We see moms baking for yet another school bake sale.

We see moms parenting without partners.

We see moms from all walks of life and in a variety of circumstances showing up EVERY SINGLE DAY loving and supporting their children.

Who do YOU see?  Is there a certain mom in your life that you would like to acknowledge? It doesn’t have to be your own mom. It could be a neighbour, sister, friend, coworker, etc.

You have two days left to nominate her. Go to our Facebook page and enter to WIN her a Joy of Style Essentials Package for Mother’s Day. Tell us who you think should win AND why.





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