September is the New January

Colorful autumn leaves on a white background with a blue promotional sticker.

Although my school days are a distant memory, I still get the back-to-school jitters every time September rolls around. The first sign of fall ushers in a medley of excitement, nervousness, contemplation and anticipation.

Even more so than cracking open a new calendar in January, September feels like a clean slate. A time to start anew and a chance to redesign and reinvent. Typically I’m motivated to reorganize my home this time of year to make my family’s busy life seem less hectic. The changing seasons have often inspired a new hairstyle or experimentation with the latest shade of lipstick. It seems to me to be the perfect time to take up a new hobby or rediscover an old one (now where did I put those knitting needles?!!). September has always felt like an ideal time to reflect on what’s already working well and in which areas I would like to create more joy in my life.

Refresh. Reinvent. Reemerge.

As you know, YMM has an established history of helping mothers to create an up-to-date look they love, but this fall we’re giving ourselves a makeover too! We are refreshing our branding and building a more modern website to help serve you better. 

Incidentally, we noticed you’ve been referring clients to us that are not moms. As it turns out, moms AND non-moms have trouble finding clothes that fit, have little time to shop and stress about what to wear. Moreover, you told us that although becoming a mother or returning to work after maternity leave are both pivotal times in a woman’s life, they are not the only times when a wardrobe refresher or image overhaul may be warranted. Whether or not you have children, a milestone birthday, a new job or promotion, the beginning/ending of a relationship and weight gain or weight loss are all emotionally charged times when we tend to look critically at our appearance.  As a result, we are expanding our services beyond mummies and motherhood to benefit all woman at various life stages. We know you want to look and feel your best as you transition into every new phase of life and we will help you get there with confidence, ease and joy. 

Mara and I can’t wait to show you our grand reveal in a few weeks! In the meantime, if September has got you thinking about how you might want to update your look, celebrate a milestone, or simply make your life easier contact YMM today.

Dee xx

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