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Style Crush – Jacqueline Tupper of Lord’s Shoes

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Every once in a while, you pass someone on the street who makes you do a double-take. The kind of person who exudes joy and a thirst for life. Their energy draws you in, and you think to yourself, “I just have to know this person!” Jacqueline Tupper is one of those people, and she is my latest Style Crush. I caught up with Jacqueline after hours in her boutique on South Granville.

March 2021 Style Crush: Jacqueline Tupper

Occupation/Title: 3rd Generation Head Honcho at Lord’s Shoes & Apparel (2932 South Granville St.)

Age: 44 (But I don’t think you should count 2020, so really, I’m just 43.)

Mother to:  Sebastian and Nolan

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Currently resides in: Vancouver (Kitsilano)


Describe yourself in 3 words: smiley, sporty, maximalist

Pet Peeve:
Angry people. There is always a better solution! There is always so much to be happy about. When I encounter angry people, I try to make them happy. Deep down, I am a pleaser. We have so much to be grateful for.

Oh, and matching my socks! I just hate it. <Pulls up pant legs to reveal two different socks.>


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Personal Style

How would you describe your style, and how did you choose it?

My style chose me. I am attracted to colour, things I like for me. I’ve never been a trend follower. I really like looking different, but I’m not trying to make a point. I choose things because of the colour and the amount of colour in them. I’m “accidentally styled.” I come straight to work from the gym sometimes, and I think, “Wow, you should have tried that on before.†<We both laugh loudly.>

What kinds of clothes make you feel great?

A printed dress. Dresses are easy. You just need one thing.  I wear feminine dresses where many colours meet many shapes.

What do you like to wear most on weekends?

Ski pants! (This stylish woman is also an avid skier and hockey player.)

What do you like to wear most for date night?

A printed dress and colourful block heel pumps. I don’t even own black shoes! If you can have a colour for the same price, why wouldn’t you???


Which celebrity’s style do you admire?

Gwen Stefani. She is all bits of everything. Sometimes demure, sometimes punk, sometimes glam.

What is your favourite store? You know, besides your own.

I don’t shop. I shop for a living. I’m not a clothes or shoe horse. Coats are my jam.

What do you never the house without wearing?

Lipstick…even under the mask.

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Hobbies, Passions and Quirks

What’s one thing you can’t get enough of?


What is your superpower?

Olympic calibre parallel parking!

What are you currently reading?

I am a gluttonous newspaper reader, Vancouver Sun, Huffington Post, NYT. I’m a news junkie. I also like music biographies.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

My grandma told me, “If you find a dress that makes you feel amazing, buy it. Because if you’re looking for a dress, you’ll never find one that makes you feel that way.â€

What is your life motto?

Every day is an occasion.

Indeed, Jacqueline! Indeed.





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Work with me! I can’t wait to dress you for your best life.


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