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Style Fix: Just Belt it

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Oh, The Things a Belt Can Do!

For many seasons now, the belt has been a stylish accessory meant for more than simply holding up your pants. Why bother with a belt you ask? A belt can increase your style quotient in several ways. Wearing a belt as an accessory will give your outfit a focal point. A belt will rein in voluminous clothing to keep your waist in check. Belts can raise your waistline and therefore re-define your narrowest point while visually lengthening your legs. No matter your shape, size or age, this is one accessory that can look fantastic when worn in a non-standard way.

At a Wardrobe Remix session with a client recently, we changed things up by adding a belt to an already pretty and easy outfit.  Notice how much more interesting her outfit looks with just a simple change. The belt serves to keep her shape from getting lost when she still wants the coziness her soft, drapey cardigan offers. It also does a great job of creating a focal point for her outfit. Simple, right?

Our lovely client LM, before.


The lovely LM, after!

Here are some further examples of the Style Fix a belt can provide…

The Belt As a Focal Point


To Control Volume


To Raise Your Waistline




The Joy of Style

We would love to get in your closet and find the things you may have forgotten.  By looking at your wardrobe from a new perspective, you will discover you have so many more wearable pieces in there. Sometimes simply adding a belt on top of your everyday basics can go a long way to stretching your outfit possibilities. As spring gets closer, let us show you how to transition your wardrobe into warmer weather. Contact us today to book your Essential Package that will involve a refreshing Wardrobe Remix.

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