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How to Wear your Summer Dress All Year

A woman in a dress and hat posing for the camera.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of wearing a summer dress. Inherently, your summer dress is all about ease. A summer dress makes getting dressed a cinch. We are all about keeping things simple and easy. While wearing dresses in summer is good, wearing those same dresses all year is even better. Maximize the use of the clothes in your closet to make mornings easy for yourself. Build outfits around the premise of wearing your favourite pieces over and over again, all year-long.

Aim to improve the versatility of your closet by having clothes that you CAN wear year round.  There’s no need to pack your summer dresses away until next May. Adapt how you wear something according to the season, and consequently, you will have a much more highly wearable wardrobe. Your ankle boots can be worn through the summer with bare legs. A favourite top can be worn over and also under pieces you already own. Your white jeans can be worn through the winter with oversized sweaters. Wear dresses in all seasons by changing up how you style them. And so, let’s dissect how to style your summer dress for four seasons of use.

Add Kicky, Warm-Weather Accessories For Summer

This one is the no-brainer. In order to make the dress versatile for simple summer wear, play with your accessories. A straw Panama hat and strap-y, woven wedges do the trick.

A woman holding a straw bag and wearing a dress.A woman standing in front of a white wall.

Wear a Turtleneck and High Boots With Your Summer Dress

Now you are set for cooler temperatures. Suede knee-high boots and a wide-brimmed hat nod to the 70’s, as does the turtleneck. Each of these additional pieces adds an autumnal mood to the dark-hued floral of this dress. Layering a sweater under your summer dress changes the entire feel of the piece.

A woman in black and red dress standing next to a white wall.A woman in black and white dress standing next to a wall.

Add Tights and a Shirt Under Your Summer Dress

Opaque tights provide extra warmth. A soft button-down blouse makes the dress fall, winter and spring-ready. Layering like this also makes the dress much more interesting!

A woman in a red shirt and black tights holding a purse.A woman standing in front of a wall holding a purse.

Layer Your Summer Dress With a Topper and Skinny Jeans

Throw a blazer or cardigan over your dress for instant all-weather wearability. I say take it a step further and wear leggings or jeans under your dress (even faux leather jeans). Who says you can’t wear your summer dress as a tunic? Add a wide belt and some great booties. The peep-toe booties are certainly not necessary, though they do add some great texture to this layered look. Definitely, avoid them in the rain and snow!

A woman in a dress and jacket holding a bookA woman in a floral dress and jacket

Throw On a Sweater Over Your Summer Dress

A big, soft sweater says winter to me. Pulling one on over a dress with tights and boots instantly makes your summer dress into winter wear. It’s an easy cold-weather solution.

A woman wearing brown boots and red sweater.A woman wearing boots and tights standing in front of a wall.

The Joy of Style

Could your closet use a remix? Fall is the perfect time of year for a closet refresher. Get in touch with us today and you’ll soon be on your way to building a versatile, mix-and-match, wearable wardrobe.

A woman standing in front of a wall holding a purse.

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    October 17, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    I love how you paired the dress with the black leggings and blazer. Looks so chic!

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