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Ugly Christmas Sweater – One Item, Two Stylists

A group of women 's clothing and shoes with a christmas theme.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Over the last few years, ugly Christmas sweater parties have been growing in popularity. And it’s no wonder, because they are so much fun and can really bring out your creative side.

There seems to be two camps of thought when it comes to this Christmastime trend. The-more-wack-the-better or keep-it-classy. If you side with the latter, we’ve got you covered.

Wear it with Pants and Ankle Boots

A group of women 's clothing and shoes with a christmas theme.


A simple way to style your UCS is to wear it how you probably wear many of your other sweaters – with pants and ankle boots.

Add metallic and shiny accessories to up the bling factor and a blazer to top off this cool yule look.

(If you struggle with getting the pant/ankle boot look right, go here.)








Wear it With a Skirt and Heels

A group of women 's clothing and shoes with a christmas theme.


Dress up your UCS with a full skirt and your favourite party shoes.

Add some modern accessories to keep your outfit looking chic and prevent it from drifting too close to costume-y.








photo credit: Polyvore

If you are looking to purchase a UCS, be sure to check out Winners. We spotted several sweaters with subtle snowflake designs as well as some real doozies in there! There’s no need to go out and buy one new though. Local thrift shops like Value Village have a huge number just waiting to go to a good home.

If you’re the crafty type, you can DIY with a plain second hand sweater and then add some festive embellishments. If you’re in the “tackier is better” camp and need inspiration, Value Village has an entire Pinterest board dedicated to this whimsical winter trend. Perfect if you absolutely want over-the-top tacky.

Have Fun and Happy Holidays!





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