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Hate Fitting Rooms? You’ll ♥ These 7 Shopping Tips



I know not everyone shares our Joy of Style or love of shopping. For some women, shopping can feel like absolute torture. Figuring out what to bring into the fitting room is only half the battle. Confronting the mirror and fluorescent lights in the fitting room is the other half. I hear ya, Sister. I’ve been there too. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With a little pre planning, shopping, and even fitting rooms, can be an enjoyable experience.

7 Tips for Shopping Success

Start With the Right Foundation Garments

Wear seamless panties and a nude-to-you seamless bra (bring a strapless bra if you’ll be trying on strapless tops or dresses). If you know you will be wearing a Spanx undergarment it’s a good idea to wear it shopping so you’ll get the full effect.

Bring Heels If You Are Shopping For a Skirt, Dress or Pants to Wear With Heels

You don’t have to bring the exact shoes, because you often buy the shoes after you find the dress. Bring shoes with the same heel height you intend to wear with your new skirt, dress or pants.

Fix Your Hair and Makeup

You’re going to be looking at yourself in the mirror a lot and it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture if you’re fixated on the dark circles under your eyes or how frizzy your hair is. You’ll be less distracted and be less critical of yourself if you feel your best. Trust me on this. I have walked out of shoe stores because I was having a bad hair day!

Breakfast (or lunch or dinner) of Champions

Eat a light meal so you aren’t making poor decisions due to hunger. You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.  But don’t eat anything that is going to make you feel bloated either. Carry a bottle of water. Shopping is thirsty work!

Take a Range of Sizes into the Fitting Room

Remember sizes vary from brand to brand. Don’t get hung up on size tags. Buy only what fits, not what simply what you fit in to.  Consider simple alterations your tailor can do if required.  Sometimes the smallest adjustment, like a hemline, can make an item look like it was made for you.

Look at Yourself From Every Angle

This might seem obvious, but from what we’ve seen many people wearing, clearly this isn’t the case.  Try to find a 3-way mirror. A 3-way mirror is like your sister. She can make you feel like a million bucks, but she will also not hesitate to tell you what others wouldn’t dare.

Choose Items in Your Colour Season

Save time and skip the hassle. Bring your The Joy of Style seasonal colour palette when you go shopping to easily help find your WOW colours. When you already know which colours are best on you, you’ll only bring those items into the fitting room. It’ll save precious time shopping and dressing. It will make mixing and matching a no-brainer. It’ll turn fitting room tantrums into triumphs.

BONUS Tip: Let us do the work for you! Helping women find clothes they love and feel great in is what we do best. Contact us today and enter the holiday season and new year feeling your most confident, beautiful self.


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