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Fitting Room Fearlessness – 5 Quick Tips to Quiet Your Inner Critic

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Now that spring has officially arrived, many of us will be heading to the malls for warm-weather additions to our wardrobe. With horrible florescent lighting on skin that hasn’t seen the sun in months, our inner critic often shows up to nitpick and undermine our self-esteem. If you dread facing the fitting room, these quick tips can help you become fitting room fearless.

5 Fitting Room Ready Tips

  1. Wear your hair in a style you like so you’re not sidetracked by a bad hair day.
  2. Take a minute to put on a bit of makeup, so a zit, a wrinkle or circles under your eyes don’t detract from your mission.
  3. Wear a seamless nude-to-you colour bra and panties that fit well. Foundation garments make a huge difference.
  4. Bring the shoes or kind of shoes you plan to wear with your outfit(s) for better end effect.
  5. Take a selfie. Being once removed from the image in the mirror can help you be more objective.





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  • Taslim Jaffer
    April 24, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    Love these tips, especially #1 and 2. I usually shop looking like I just woke up, and then nothing looks good when I try it on. A little effort would give me a better idea of what I would actually look like in that outfit.

  • Let's be social!